NS-USBloader / NS-USBloader-mobile - Standalone GUI USB Installer für Tinfoil, Awoo-Installer und Goldleaf (Linux, macOS, Windows, Android)

  • NS-USBloader

    mit diesem Tool von developersu können Installationen über AtmoXL Titel Installer, Goldleaf, Awoo Installer, oder Tinfoil (Adubbz v0.2.1) vom PC (Linux, macOS oder Windows), oder über die Mobile-Version von einem Android-Smartphone durchgeführt werden.

  • Update auf Version 0.6 (PC Version)


    • GoldLeaf v0.6.1 support
    • Bugfix for #24
    • Logs for GL scenario is limited to warnings and failures since showing everything that happens is resource-consuming.
    • Spanish translation updated by Kuziel Alejandro. Thanks!

    Release notes:

    • Progress bar for GoldLeaf indicates only execution of the process, but not transfer progress.
    • WriteFile command (when user transferring data from NS to PC) supports only files which size is less then 8Mb. This limitation probably will be removed after next release of GoldLeaf.
    • GoldLeaf process interruption (by clicking 'Stop' button) works now. In most scenarios. It takes 5 second usually. This thing would be improved in future to finally fix the old issue of non interruptable process (even for TinFoil).
    • Not tested on macOS.

    Usage notes:
    For using with new GL:

    • On Linux (if you didn't do it yet) set UDEV rules for your user. See README for details.
    • Add NSP files to application (optional)
    • Open GoldLeaf
    • Click 'Send files to NS' on this application.
    • Click 'Explore content' -> 'Remote PC (via USB)'
    • Two drives available. HOME:/ is pointing to your user's home directory (C:\Users\username, /home/username, /Users/username). VIRT:/ is what you added to app (this drive has limited commands support).
    • In 'Settings' tab you may see new option 'Show only *.nsp in GoldLeaf'. Enable it only in case you're going to install NSP files and nothing more. It means that other GL features such as renaming/copying/deleting files features could not be working properly.
  • Update auf Version 0.7 (PC Version)


    • GoldLeaf v0.7 support
    • Chinese translation made by Huang YunKun (htynkn). Thanks!
    • German translation made by Swarsele. Thanks!
    • Some other minor changes.
  • Update auf Version 0.8 (PC Version)


    • Fixed old annoying issue related to process interruption. Now button 'Interrupt' really interrupts the process in any moment =)
    • If you still use GL v0.5 use option 'Use old GoldLeaf version' in settings. (Yes, you still have to add one file to table and select it, otherwise only the first one from selected files would be used. Or nothing will work if you didn't select anything.)
    • Now any file could be added to VIRT:/ if check-box 'Show only *.nsp in GoldLeaf' (in settings) not selected.

    This option sets filters to file chooser when you select files via 'Select .NSP files' or drag-n-drop files/folders. Enabled -> only NSPs; disabled -> everything (except hidden).
    Also this option excludes any non-NSP files from HOME:/ pseudo-drive in GoldLeaf. Yes, I know, it's a bit strange solution.

    • Portuguese language updated by almircanella.
    • Other not interesting changes (like a window now a bit larger, some icons a bit more round etc.)
    • Not tested on GoldLeaf v0.7.1/v0.7.2
  • Update auf Version 0.8.1 (PC Version)!


    • Vietnamese translation added. Thanks to @pnghai
    • Fixed sorting files by size. Thanks to @wolfposd
    • Now window size will be saved on close and restored once application starts.
    • Minor fixes in UI
  • Update auf Version 0.9 (PC Version)!


    • Split-files support (for all supported home-brew applications)
    • Bug fixes: application won't fail to start in case application saved in folder that has '+' character in name.
    • Many minor UI updates
  • Update auf Version 0.9.1 (PC Version)


    • Settings tab: elements reorder.
    • Bugfix in Tinfoil net-stack: in case of 404 condition you will see appropriate reply in homebrew instead of stuck UI.
    • Bugfix in Tinfoil usb-stack: Now it won't ruin the data and thus your installation if there are no request from NS side for a while.
      (Really rare bug. Many thanks to developers/contributors of 'Awoo Installer': Huntereb and HookedBehemoth for detailed report!)
    • Minor updates in Tinfoil logs.
  • Update auf Version 1.0 (PC-Version)


    • GoldLeaf v0.8 support (set as default).
    • For using with GoldLeaf v0.7-v0.7.3 (or v0.5) please set appropriate option in 'Settings'.
  • Update auf Version 2.0 (PC-Version)


    • UI updated: colors, tabs, drag-n-drop functions etc.
    • Added tool for splitting files
    • Added tool for merging split-files
    • Added 'Fusée Gelée' RCM payload tool for:

      • Windows (I tested it on Windows 7 64-bit)
      • MacOS (not tested)
      • Linux (I tested on amd64)
      • FreeBSD (not tested)

    For all three platforms only x86 and x86_64 (amd64) architectures supported.
    Also, I decided to change names for files attached:
    JAR that had postfixes like '-Win10' or '-alt' or '-alternative' now just a JAR with no postfixes. It's recommended for Windows users, Linux users and MacOS users who're using Mojave or more recent versions.
    Another one now has '-legacy' postfix. It's for MacOS users who're still using OS X released before (!) Mojave. (It also works for Linux and for Windows but sometimes it doesn't work for Windows and it doesn't work for modern MacOS).
    Huh.. it was not that hard to explain than I thought :)
    As noted in license file: This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
    So since RCM payload function added to application please use it (or do not use it) on your own risk! I'm not responsible for broken switches, hearts and souls. I hope you've read the LICENSE file (please read it if you didn't). Anyway you have sources and I also added BUILD.md for those of you, who want to build everything by him/herself.

    You have been warned!

  • Update auf Version 2.1 (PC-Version)!


    • Portuguese translation updated by @almircanella. Thank you!
    • Bugfix: 'Fails to autodetect system IP Address on macOS Catalina' #45
  • Update auf Version 0.2 (Mobile-Version)!

    Changelog siehe Titel :)

  • Update auf Version 2.2 (PC-Version)!

    Changelog siehe Titel :)

  • Update auf Version 2.2.1 (PC-Version)!

    Changelog siehe Titel :)

  • Update auf Version 4.0 (PC-Version)!

    Changelog siehe Titel:)

  • Update auf Version 4.1 (PC-Version)!

    Changelog siehe Titel:)

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    Wieso sollte der unsichtbar sein? Vielleicht hast du auch nur im falschen Spoiler nachgesehen? Oder eventuell auch die Ansicht des Browsers nicht aktualisiert?

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