[HEN_Tool] ElevenMPV by joel16 - Open Source .mp3 Player für die Vita

  • ElevenMPV - Eleven Music Player Vita by joel16

    Es handelt sich hierbei um einen Homebrew Music Player für die PS Vita. ElevenMPV unterstützt zahlreiche Formate im Vergleich zum offiziellen Music Player der Vita.

    Aktuell werden folgende Formate unterstützt:

    • FLAC
    • IT
    • MOD
    • MP3
    • OGG
    • OPUS
    • S3M
    • WAV (A-law and u-law, Microsoft ADPCM, IMA ADPCM)
    • XM

    Die Features sind:

    • ux0: durchsuchen um die oben genannten Audio Dateien abzuspielen
    • Pause/Play für Audio Dateien.
    • Zufallswiedergabe/Schleife für Audio Dateien.
    • Nächster Titel/Vorheriger Titel im aktuell gewählten Ordner.
    • Anzeige von ID3v1 und ID3v2 Metadaten für MP3 Dateien.
    • Einfacher Touch Support.

    Steuerung im File Browser:

    • / Ordner öffnen bzw. im Ordner: abspielen der ausgewählten Audio Datei.
    • / Abbrechen bzw. einen Ordner zurück/hoch gehen
    • / Dateinavigation
    • / Nach ganz oben/unten von dem Ordner gehen.

    Steuerung im Audio Player:

    • / Play/Pause
    • / Zum Filemanager zurückkehren
    • vorherige Audio Datei im aktuellen Ordner
    • nächste Audio Datei im aktuellen Ordner
    • Zufallswiedergabe im aktuellen Ordner
    • Endlosschleife im aktuellen Ordner
    • Display ausschalten und die Musik im Hintergrund weiterlaufen lassen



  • Version 1.20 ist released mit vielen Updates!!


    • Properly save the last visited folder.
    • Minor audiolib cleanup (unused functions, params etc)
    • Added settings menu (Press SELECT to open) which can toggle metadata for certain file types and sorting options.

      • Settings to toggle reading metadata for FLAC/MP3/OPUS (sometimes loading the cover images can take a while - which is the reason for introducing this feature).
      • Sort alphabetically in ascending/descending order and by smallest/largest file size.
    • Display the back button on the top left to indicate that the user is not in the root path.
    • Now uses libvorbis with SceIo API for decoding OGG instead of stb_vorbis.
    • Displays tag data for OGG, OPUS, and FLAC if found. (Title, Artist, Album, Year, Genre)
    • Display parent folder in non root directory (easier for navigation).


  • V2.00 ist up!


    • Bumped ID3v2 character limit to 64 chars to display album titles, artist, genre etc with more characters than ID3v1.
    • Updated dr_libs (FLAC and WAV decoders) to the latest revision.
    • Now based on mpg123 v1.25.10
    • Initial support for seeking via touchscreen:

      • WAV: works perfectly.
      • FLAC: works perfectly but slow.
      • MP3: works perfectly but a tad bit slower than WAV.
      • MOD: works perfectly.
      • OGG: works perfectly however might crash if you abuse it by repeatedly seeking simultaneously.
      • OPUS: Not supported due to frequent crashes with libopusfile's API.
    • Fixed MP3 playback not being properly terminated. The decoder will now check to see if there are no samples to decode and then terminate which fixes issues with repeat/shuffle not working.
    • Fixed crashes with FLAC files (when FLAC metadata is on) by using libFLAC to properly obtain metadata.
    • Added the ability to use Sony's dynamic normalizer mode from within the settings menu. (I haven't noticed any difference with this but let me know if you guys do! the max ALC mode results in frequent crashes hence only ALC mode off and ALC mode 1 is allowed)
    • Now properly releases the acquired BGM port when exiting the application.
    • Added support for selecting devices to browse (ux0:/, ur0:/ and uma0:/) from within the settings menu.


  • v2.10 ist Up:


    • Remove lastdir.txt after switching to another device to fix a crash that occurs if the previous visited directory cannot be found in the current device.
    • Fix cancel button not being used under settings menu.
    • Fix menu title in device settings.
    • Fix playing speed on down-sampled MP3 audio files.
    • Updated dr_libs to the latest version. (dr_wav/dr_flac).
    • Minor clean up to decoder functions.
    • Allow app to visit any directory with unsafe mode. (This is the reason for making this app "unsafe")

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