Und es geht scheinbar doch...

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  • Und es geht scheinbar doch...

    Letztens erst habe ich die Frage in den Raum geworfen ist es möglich games ONLINE von HDD zu zocken? Als Antwort folgte recht schnell ein NEIN^^

    Jetzt bin ich darauf gestossen....

    This thread is only for those PS2 games that have LAN or Online modes (through official Network Adapter) that can be used while using HDL .8b.
    This thread is not for general network set-up questions. That information can be found in Hejira's LAN set-up thread in the link below. This thread is also not for discussing DNAS code patching either. All games that work online from the HDD are games without DNAS.
    *Many links in this post are to another popular PS2 HDD related website, as well as other offsite links.

    So far we have confirmed that the following games work in LAN mode without modification. (All games should work wether NTSC or PAL unless otherwise stated.)

    Armored Core: Nexus
    Armored Core: Nine Breaker
    ATV 2
    ATV Offroad Fury 3 NTSC
    ATV Offroad Fury 4 NTSC
    Colin McRae 2005 (PAL only game)
    Conflict Global Storm (Co-op)
    Crash Tag Team Racing
    DTM Race Driver 2
    GT4 (only a DVD 9 rip or custom made DVD 5 rip will work)
    Heroes of the Pacific
    IndyCar Series 2005
    Midnight Club 2
    Midnight Club 3 (music doesn't work, save must be created before LAN modes are available)
    Moto GP4
    MTX MotoTrax
    Rainbow 6 Lockdown (Co-op)
    Rogue Trooper (Co-op)
    Socom I (works LAN all regions and ONLINE for USA only, PAL and JAP have DNAS)
    The Fast and the Furious
    Time Splitters 2
    Time Splitters 3
    TOCA Race Driver 3
    Tony Hawk's Underground
    Tribes Aerial Assault (works ONLINE and LAN, that's right online!)
    Twisted Metal Black Online (works ONLINE and LAN, that's right online!)

    Games that require the "USB Advance Trick" to get LAN mode working.

    1. Call of Duty 2
    2. Project Snowblind
    3. Splinter Cell Pandora Tomorrow

    Here are some games that previously required modes or specific editing to work on HDL .8b, but with the USBA trick, those methods are no longer needed. *If some of the games below also appear in the "specific editing or patches" list, using the USBA trick is preferred as it will let the game boot without any modes, which let the game boot other .elf files like multiplayer mode or network config utilities.
    Click here for more information on all games (not just LAN) that benefit from the USBA trick at this thread.

    1. ATV 3 (used to need mode 3)
    2. Star Wars Battlefront 2 (used to need system.cnf edit and boot SWBFRNT2.ELF in WinHIIP and mode 3)
    3. Urban Chaos Riot Response (used to need system.cnf edit and boot URBAN.ELF in WinHIIP and mode 3)

    The good thing about using the USBA trick for ATV 3 and SWBF II, is that you can now use the network configuration utility built into those games. For everyone that doesn't have GT4 or a "network set-up disk" these games are two alternatives. I imagine this works on with other games with these utilities, if you have one and it works after applying the trick please let me know.

    This USBA trick thing so far has fixed DNAS enabled games to work on USBA HDD, eliminated Call of Duty 3 freezes, made some games work without modes or system.cnf hacks using HDL .8b. I wonder if it fixes any other problems with games?

    Games that require game specific editing or patches. (Not the USB Advance trick. These patches are just to get the game to work on HDD at all.) Please search the forum for specific fix details as they are too numerous to list in this thread alone. If you find or make a good thread on how to do these patches please post them and I'll add the link.

    1. Star Wars BattleFront 1 - still needs the boot edit fix(system.cnf) (see PC server app link below.)
    2. Star Wars BattleFront 2 - still needs the boot edit fix(system.cnf) (see PC server app link below.)
    3. Urban Chaos Riot Response (system.cnf) boot URBAN.ELF

    Games that are still under testing to see if their LAN modes can be accessed by editing the ISO image.*These games can only access the LAN mode after the DNAS check, thus my editing experimentation. Please don't hesistate to edit these games yourself as I don't have every game on this list.

    1. Medal of Honor Rising Sun
    2. Warhammer 40,000k Firewarrior
    3. Pro Evolution Soccer 5

    All these games should be playable online through the use of a computer running the xlink kai software. Please see Deeve's post regarding this software.

    *PC Server applications for windows PCs. The following games are the only 3 games on the PS2 (that I know of) that have dedicated server applications for the PC. These softwares will only let you play people that have the PS2 version of the game. These files are hosted at sites that may require you to register to download.

    Tribes Aerial Assault Server Application
    *The following link is at a server with limited bandwidth please only one connection for download per person.
    Offsite link to onlineconsoles.com

    Starwars Battlefront Server Application ver. 1.0
    Offsite Link to Lucasfiles

    Starwars Battlefront Server Application ver. 1.1
    Offsite Link to fileplanet: requires registration

    Starwars Battlefront II Server Application
    Offsite Link to fileplanet: requires registration

    *Note 1: The Tribes server will probably let you register your game to the master server letting you play online though I haven't tested it personally.
    *Note 2: The Battlefront Servers will probably only work for Local LAN games as no game on a HDD will pass the DNAS check required to play online.

    The following site has more information on the dedicated server software and many people that play the three games listed above.
    If anyone has run into a game that is not listed here please post the game name video format, NTSC or PAL, and what was required to get it to work and I will update the list. Also if you have useful information that I may have missed, please it add to this thread.

    Thanks to all who gave me the info to know LAN gaming is possible from the HDD. Namely Hejira! Thanks also for the "USB Advance Trick" from bryce_v_s and Deeve for the xlink information.

    Please don't post Network set-up questions here, they will not be answered, this thread is for reporting LAN HDD compatible games only. Hejira's LAN set-up threadwill give you the info you seek.

    Ist nicht von mir!!! Der beitrag stammt aus einem anderem Forum aus den netten Staaten ;)

    Was halltet ihr davon? Klapt es wirklich? :rolleyes:
  • Du kannst auf der PS2 nicht von HDD online zocken. Das ist so und wird sich auch nicht mehr ändern.

    Das was du gefunden hast ist die Liste der Games die eine LAN Modus haben. Mit diesem LAN Modus kann man über die Software XLinkKai ein LAN errichten, welches über das internet geht.

    Schau mal hier ist z.B. für GT4 eine deutsche Anleitung (klick)

    Wie gesagt, das funktioniert NUR mit Games die einen LAN Modus (nicht Onlinemodus) haben. Wie viele Leute auf dem XLink Server noch online sind kann ich dir nicht sagen.