Ab 28. März OUYA für "Backer" !!!

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    • Ab 28. März OUYA für "Backer" !!!

      Alle Kickstarter Backer werden ab dem 28.März beliefert

      Sie werden sich auch über einige schöne Überraschungen freuen können.

      Allen "Nicht-Backern" wird es ab

      Juni 2013

      möglich sein die OUYA im regulären Handel zu erwerben.

      OUYAs will begin shipping to Kickstarter backers on March 28. That’s right. Parts are in the factory and assembly lines are buzzing. We’ll gradually ramp up production as we make sure things are working. (Our full launch is still set for June, which is when OUYA will be available in stores!)

      Meanwhile, tens of thousands of you will receive your OUYA, and you’ll get to start playing right away. You will also get to watch OUYA evolve over the coming weeks and months. We’ll continue to add new features, refine our user experience, and bring on more games. As always, we appreciate your feedback (and apply it), so keep it coming.

      Keep a lookout in your inbox for an email from us. It will have your tracking number and estimated delivery date. Might take a few weeks to get to everyone. We have a lot of OUYAs to ship!

      Games! Games! Games!

      "Yeah, yeah, but can you tell me anything more about what games are coming?" Yes, we can:

      Kim Swift -- of Portal, Left 4 Dead, and Quantum Conundrum notoriety -- and Airtight Games are developing a brand new, exclusive title for OUYA! Kim writes: “We truly feel that this platform will give us the freedom to fully realize the funky, unique game we have in mind. Though the title will definitely appeal to core gamers in terms of skill and difficulty, it really has a completely unexpected, imaginative slant that's totally at home on this console. Expect an official announcement soon!"

      Minority Media, developers of the critically acclaimed Papo & Yo, will deliver their in-development adventure puzzler to OUYA this fall. This is the first game (that we know of) designed to take full advantage of the OUYA touchpad and buttons simultaneously. We’ll need a name for this new style of gameplay. Controlpad … Touchutton ... hmm.

      Ever play Killing Floor or Red Orchestra 2? Do you like first-person shooter puzzle games as much as we do? Well, we’re excited to announce that Tripwire Interactive is bringing The Ball to OUYA in March. They’re also working with OUYA on a new, exclusive title. I could tell you more but then I’d have to … well, you know how the saying goes :).

      Quelle: KickStarter.com

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    • Das warten hat bald ein ende .... :gut:

      Irgendwie schade, habe gelesen es gibt keine Silber gebürsteten Ouya`s !!
      Alle werden in diesem Schwarz braun ausgeliefert!?
      Paranoide Menschen sehen die Welt heutzutage irgendwie realistischer .... ;)