[HEN_Game] Cookie Clicker v 0.2

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    • [HEN_Game] Cookie Clicker v 0.2

      Der Entwickler Creckeryop hat eine erste Version seines Homebrewgames Cookie Clicker veröffentlicht.

      Bei dem Game geht es wohl darum über den Touchscreen möglichst schnell viele Kekse zu sammeln.

      Currently the Vita version (which is at v0.1) has the following features:
      • Ability to save the game. Save files are in ux0:/data/.
      • Touchscreen controls for everything so now the touchscreen is more useful!
      • All buildings up to Prism. That means you have every building except the Chancemaker.
      • Ability to buy and sell in bulk (10/100).
      • A design that’s quite faithful to the browser version.

      The homebrew is written in Lua and interpreted by Lua Player Plus (by Rinnegatamante) so you could easily fiddle around with the code if you want to add something yourself.
      Download: http://vitadb.rinnegatamante.it/#/info/351

      Source; wololo.net/2017/11/16/cookie-c…sting-opportunities-just/ und gbatemp.net/threads/wip-cookie-clicker-vita.489060/

    • Update auf v 0.2 :)

      • Added OnScreen Buttons
      • Added Settings menu with one option(Reset save)
      • Added Cookie shower
      • Added Milk (just animation)
      • Added Shadows behind buttons
      • Little Optimization
      • Changed livearea bg and startup images
      • Minor fixes
      • New savefile for upgrades (ux0:/data/ccupsave.sav)
      • Fixed >10 000 cps Error

      Download: https://github.com/Creckeryop/CookieClicker-Vita/releases/download/0.2/Cookie.Clicker.vpk

      Source: wololo.net/2017/11/20/cookie-c…-ways-create-cookies-now/