[RELEASE] Overflow - Cobra Version + noBD + noBT Firmware 4.83

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    • [RELEASE] Overflow - Cobra Version + noBD + noBT Firmware 4.83

      Overflow Cobra 7.3 Lite + 7.55 Firmware für FW4.83

      Hier die Cobra 7.3 Lite + 7.55 Versionen von Overflow für FW 4.83.

      CFW Features:
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      Features of this cfw...
      • * Built from 4.83 ofw
      • * LV0- All security checks disabled
      • * LV0- AppLdr patched to disable sig checks on pkgs
      • * LV1- Disabled lv2 protection
      • * LV1- Disabled Hash Checks
      • * LV1- Added Peek & Poke
      • * Lv1- Added mmap-function 114
      • * Lv1- ACL checks removed
      • * LV2- Added Peek & Poke
      • * LV2- Lv1 peek & poke support
      • * Games with 4.83 keys and lower will start
      • * RED SCREEN OF DEATH Bypass
      • * Added app/home
      • * Added option to xmb Install Packages with three paths (USB or HDD or DOWNLOAD to usb option)
      • * Warning message disabled for faster boot time
      • * Update from any cfw up to 4.83 and 3.55 ofw
      • * QA flag compatable
      • * Both dex and cex packages supported
      • * React psn compatability
      • * (Cobra 7.3 lite)Changed some stage2 functions and also made some small clean ups for smoother code exicution
      • * Has webman integrated (fan control disabled by default)
      • * Update from disc disabled (prevents accidental update to ofw from disc)
      • * Visual updated
      • * Cinavia protection disabled for disc and hdd
      • * Some trophy sync errors removed/bypassed
      • * Remote play supported on non Son# product
      • * ingame screenshots supported
      • * psp drm checks disabled
      • * Removed annoying singstar icon
      • * fselfs are native (debug/dex files like eboots run)
      • * Added option to visit you tube channels and websites (pre selected some helpful ones like psx place, ngu and ps3hax)
      • * Added download and install to what's new in psn column (updated packages will be sent to the ps3 when they are available, option in boxed tools to clear cache and check for updates will update download list) Massive thanks to PS3 Extra and devil_303
      • * Added Restart System options to power options in xmb user column

      IMPORTANT NOTE: CCAPi (console manager) uninstalls when you install new cfw so make sure you have your cid saved if ccapi is set to change your cid at boot. If you already have Webman setting your cid keep a copy before updating.

      Cobra v7.3 Lite 4.83:
      Die standard Cobra Version
      Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cttbokogve0y0b1/Overflow_4.83_v5_cobraCEX.rar?dl=1

      Cobra v7.55 4.83:
      Die standard Cobra 7.55 Version.
      Die CFW Features sind die gleichen, wie bei der Standard Cobra Version.
      Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/yn28cxxvqan0xnh/Overflow_4.83_v8_cobra755cex.rar?dl=1

      Cobra 4.83 noBD:
      Kein Bluray Laufwerk patch
      Die CFW Features sind die gleichen, wie bei der Standard Cobra Version.
      Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/mvur4hu0xu9sf7n/Overflow_4.83_v6_nobd_cobraCEX.rar?dl=1

      Cobra 4.83 noBT:
      Kein Bluetooth/WLAN patch
      Die CFW Features sind die gleichen, wie bei der Standard Cobra Version.
      Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/xrhtdrbt4l541kg/Overflow_4.83_v7_noBluetooth__cobraCEX.rar?dl=1

      Quelle: http://www.psx-place.com/threads/4-83-overflow-cobra-v7-3-lite-cfw-nobd-nobt-versions-released.21089/

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