​Fluffy - Ein GUI mit vielen Funktionen für Tinfoil & Goldleaf

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    • ​Fluffy - Ein GUI mit vielen Funktionen für Tinfoil & Goldleaf

      • Support for XorTroll/Goldleaf and Adubbz/Tinfoil
      • USB and Network Install, display transfer rate in MB/s and progress percentage.
      • USB and Network Install, display current NSP being installed.
      • Transfer modes between "Normal" and "Safe".
      • Smart User-Interface, switches between Tkinter and PyQt depending on modules installed. (v1.4.1 and below only)
      • Support for UI scaling on 4K, 1080P, and 720P displays.
      • Show current NSP being installed.
      • Individual NSP selection.
      • Progress bar.
      • Switch connected indicator.
      • 5.x USB Fix

      Einrichtung (Windows 10):
      Lade Zadig herunter und installiere es: https://zadig.akeo.ie
      Während die Switch angeschlossen ist, gehe zum Geräte-Manager.
      Klicke mit der rechten Maustaste unter "Andere Geräte" auf "libnx USB comms" und klicke auf "Treiber aktualisieren".
      Klicke auf "Computer durchsuchen ..." und dann "Lassen Sie mich aus einer Liste auswählen ...".
      Suche und wähle "libusbK USB-Geräte" und klicke dann auf Weiter.
      Wenn "Nintendo Switch APX Mode" ausgewählt ist, klicke auf Weiter.
      Bestätige alle Warnmeldungen mit "Ja".

      Installiere PyUSB
      Python 3 und PyUSB werden benötigt, damit Fluffy funktioniert.
      Lade das neueste Python 3 herunter und installiere es https://www.python.org/downloads/
      Terminal / CMD öffnen
      Führe "pip3 install pyusb" aus.
      MacOS-Benutzer müssen auch "brew install libusb" ausführen. Weitere Informationen findest du unter https://brew.sh/

      Folge zunächst den obigen Installationsschritten für Zadig Driver, Python 3 und PyUSB. Erledigt? Lass uns weitermachen!
      Öffne auf der Switch mit der benutzerdefinierten Firmware TinFoil> Titelverwaltung> USB Install NSP
      Doppelklicke auf Fluffy.py, um es zu starten
      Klicke auf "Ordner öffnen" und navigiere zu einem Ordner, in dem sich deine NSPs befinden. Wähle dann "Öffnen". Sei vorsichtig, versuche einen Ordner mit 3 oder weniger NSPs auszuwählen. TinFoil kann keine großen Dateienmengen analysieren.
      Wenn "Switch Detected!" sichtbar ist. Klicke auf " Send Header".

      • Added: Goldleaf v0.6 Compatibility†‡§
        • Including all file-handling features.
      • Added: Goldleaf: File access security.
        • Default protections are place to safe-guard users from a potentially compromised Goldleaf file.
        • Default: File operations such as file creation, deletion, renaming will result in a user-prompt(yes or no).
        • Default: Read-only access for all files.
        • Default: Read/write to non-NSP files are restricted.
        • All of these security restrictions are changeable in fluffy.conf.
      • Added: Windows Executable(.exe), should help many users that struggle to run Fluffy.
      • Added: About dialog with credit list, find your name there!
      • Fixed: Scaling issues with Fluffy logo on certain resolutions.
      • Fixed: Improved install aborting. Proper thread elimination.
      • Fixed: Improved multi-threading. All threads are now daemons.
      • Fixed: No more false error messages when canceling a task.
      • Fixed: usb.core.NoBackendError: Revert to Network Mode, stops crash.
      • Fixed: Dark Mode checkbox will remain checked despite being off in some scenarios.
      • Changed: Config and log files for linux users now stored in $HOME.fluffy folder.
      • Misc: Code overhaul. Significantly more object oriented. Improved logging and exception handling. So many changes. Such wow.
      Special note: This is the biggest release yet with 1.5k lines of code changed!

      • Added: Goldleaf v0.5 Compatibility(Thank you friedkeenan!)
      • Added: Bahasa Indonesia Translation(Thank you wendyliga!)
      • Fixed: MacOS: "Non-ASCII character" Error(Thank you AD2076!)
      • Fixed: PFS0 doesn't close file object.
      • Misc: Code cleanup and slight change to the way Goldleaf handles USB comms.

      Goldleaf v0.5 compatibility was tested and confirmed working on Atmosphère 0.8.9 with system firmware 8.0.1. However, Goldleaf USB install is still buggy and experimental.

      • Rolled Back: Device detach feature incompatible with certain systems.

      • Added: Localisation support for German
      • Fixed: Goldleaf: Consecutive installs results in failure.
      • Fixed: Goldleaf: Improved ticket install stability.
      • Fixed: When an error is thrown, IP text boxes would re-enable during USB install.
      • Fixed: Italian: Typo in language list.
      • Misc: Better config file
      • Added: Localisation support for:
        i) Turkish(translation:TorpedoXL)
        ii) French(translation:YoyPa)
        iii) Spanish(translation:YoyPa)
        iv) Brazilian Portuguese(translation:DavidOliM)
        v) Italian(translation:danypava)!
      • Fixed: Massive network bug that resulted in files with overly long file-names to throw the error "No headers received"(on Tinfoil's part). This bug is prominent in the original net code and is due in part of the way Tinfoil handles file URLs, a permanent fix has been applied. Fluffy will now send a fake file URL to the Switch, fooling Tinfoil but also sending legitimate NSP(s) in the process. Network install is no longer unstable!
      • Added: Multilingual support! Now includes Chinese(translation:Sev73n) and Vietnamese(translation:fourminute). Thank you Sev73n for your contribution!
      • Added: Ability to abort an installation in queue.
      • Fixed: Further file path fixes.
      MacOS users please install Tkinter for this release. The usage of Tkinter was unavoidable due to a bug in previous builds. Run "brew reinstall python --with-tcl-tk".
      Windows and Linux users: Tkinter should already be included with your Python3 installation.

      • Added: Exception handling for all types of install. Fluffy will no longer crash when an install fails.
      • Added: Ability to install more games following failed or successful install. A restart is no longer required.
      • Fixed: No longer depends on binascii.
      • Fixed: Network: Will now select a random port when serving to fix failed to bind error.
      • Fixed: Significantly less CPU usage. Improved thread handling.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Displays current NCA name.
      • Added: Displays idle NSP queue.
      • Fixed: Less restrictive file filtering.
      • Fixed: No longer depends QDarkStyle.
      • Fixed: NCA count would sometimes incorrectly display.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Ground up write-up of PFS0 and Goldleaf communications.
      • Added: Linux installation now possible. See ReadMe.
      • Fixed: Amiguity in shebang. Thanks Zer0t3ch
      • Fixed: Does not remove Icon and Inlay.
      • Changed: Newer 128px Icon over the old 48px Icon.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Ground up rewrite of PFS0 and Goldleaf communications.
      • Fixed: Amiguity in shebang. Thanks Zer0t3ch
      Notes: The rewrite of PFS0 may prove more successful for Goldleaf installs.

      • Added: Network: Host IP option.
      • Fixed: Goldleaf: Ticket failed to write, causing some NSPs to freeze during install.
      • Misc: Code cleanup.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Transfer mode now selectable.
      • Fixed: Goldleaf: Vastly improved transfer rate.
      • Fixed: Pathlib and Tkinter are no longer required dependencies.
      • Fixed: Crashing on Arch/Manjaro (cr:YoyPa)
      • Changed: "Switch Detected" text to Aqua.
      • Added: Network: Automatically save Switch IP after network install.
      • Added: Now displays "Network Mode" when selected.
      • Fixed: Ability to send header despite Switch not being connected.
      • Fixed: Regression in network install.
      • Fixed: Improved process handling and exiting.
      • Changed: "Send Header" to "Begin Transfer"
      • Changed: "Switch Not Detected" text to Pink.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Display for current transfer rate, nsp, and nca count.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Progress bar for current nca.
      • Fixed: Goldleaf: Improved transfer speeds significantly.
      • Fixed: Fluffy no longer produces temp file: tmp_fluffy_0.
      • Fixed: QDarkStyle no longer required to start Fluffy. (But still recommended.)
      • Added: Goldleaf Support (Experimental)
      • Added: Goldleaf: Display current NCA being installed.
      • Added: Goldleaf: Display completion of install.
      • Fixed: Allow network install if PyUSB and/or LibUSB missing.
      Goldleaf install is highly experimental. Use at your own risk.

      • Added: Network Install ! With displays for transfer rate and progress percentage.
      • Added: Network Install: Custom port option.
      • Added: Network Install: Display current NSP count progress.
      • Added: USB & Network Install: Display current NSP name being installed.
      • Fixed: Network install issue: "Failed to retrieve header"
      • Fixed: Network install issue: Process refused to close post network install.
      • Fixed: Occasional and rare occurrence of incorrect NSP count.
      • Changed: "Pink Donut" has been replaced by a smaller, new logo.
      • Changed: "Transfer Rate" now displays "USB Transfer Mode"

      • Added: Now shows install rate in MB/s.
      • Added: Transfer mode feature. Switchable between "Normal" and "Safe".
      • Fixed: Improved scaling.
      • Fixed: Reaping request failure.
      • Fixed: Log would fill with "Division By Zero" errors.
      • Fixed: List box too small for item entries, set minimum height.
      • Misc: Tkinter is no longer supported on this version due to stability issues. If you would like to use Tkinter please use v1.4.1 or below.
      • Misc: Removed automated closing after install.

      • Added: Support for UI scaling on 4K and 1080p resolutions.
      • Added: Countdown following successful install until automatically exiting.
      • Fixed: Fluffy would refuse to exit and sit in the background.
      • Fixed: Unsafe cross-thread handling of PyQt elements.
      • Misc: Variables and functions have been renamed for better readability.

      • Added: Redesigned User Interface! In order to take advantage of this new UI, you will need to install pyqt5 and qdarkstyle. Install these modules with "pip3 install pyqt5" and "pip3 install qdarkstyle". Please note, this new UI is 100% optional! Fluffy will still run without these modules installed!
      • Fixed: Fluffy crashed when "icon.ico" wasn't in folder. Icon file no longer necessary.
      • Misc: Button "Select Folder" now shows "Select NSPs"
      • Misc: Status label now shows "Awaiting Selection."
      • Misc: GitHub label on PyQt interface.

      • Added: Support for individual NSP selection (suggested by: Shadowhand, thanks!)
      • Misc: Now shows "Loading X NSPs" during NSP selection process.
      • Misc: Changed "Open Folder" to "Select NSPs"

      • Added: Support for logging.
      • Added: Show percentage # above progress bar.
      • Fixed: Window won't move or respond during installation.
      • Fixed: Proper exiting.
      • Misc: "Send Header" button disabled unless NSPs are selected.
      • Misc: Label now shows "Completed" when task is finished.
      • Misc: Changed file name from Fluffy.py to Fluffy.pyw to remove console.
      • Progress Bar Support
      • Switch Connected Indicator
      • Display Current NSP Being Installed.
      • 5.x USB Fix Support


    • Update auf Version 2.1.0

      Der Dev ist im Update-Rausch.......schon das dritte Update für heute!

    • Update auf Version 2.8.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Update auf Version 2.9.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel