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    • [HEN_Game] VitaQuakeIII by Rinnegatamante

      VitaQuakeIII by Rinnegatamante

      Rinnegatamante hat nach einiger Zeit wieder ein Update zu VitaQuakeIII released. Er hat ioquake3 für die Vita portiert und kommt jetzt mit einigen Verbesserungen. Es wird folgendes unterstützt:

      Quake III: Arena
      Quake III: Team Arena

      Außerdem wird jetzt MSAA 4x unterstützt. In diesem Zuge macht es Sinn die Auflösung auf 480x272 einzustellen, denn im Gegensatz zur nativen Auflösung der Vita macht es nicht viel aus - die Framerate ist aber
      deutlich besser!!

      Wie immer als .vpk über VitaShell


      Display Spoiler

      - Added data files downloader when game data files are missing.
      - Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
      - Optimized renderer (both speed and memory usage wise).
      - Added dynamic libraries support to OpenArena core (drastic performance boost).
      - Fixed several issues related to dynarec that might cause app crashes.
      - Fixed a memory leak in dynamic libraries unloader.
      - Made r_noportals a configurable setting (Development purpose, DO NOT TOUCH THIS yet).
      - Added a check that prevents screen to power off.
      - Fixed an issue in skyboxes rendering that might have caused messed up sky rendering in some maps.
      - Now loading mods/missionpacks from inside the application works as expected.
      - Enabled the background rendering on main menu.
      - Added (experimental) Urban Terror support.

      - Updated to latest vitaGL commit.
      - Increased available memory of the engine.
      - Fixed crashes in OpenArena with certain maps at loading screen.
      - Fixed a bug in OpenArena causing the game to crash when leaving a match.
      - Implemented map downloader for all cores (q3a, q3ta, oa)
      - Fixed a bug causing random crashes when trying to join some online servers on all cores (q3a, q3ta, oa)
      - Added hack for paletted JPG images (should fix some maps not loading)
      - Made so that console is not spammed anymore during online matches with NET_GetPacket fake errors.

      - Updated to latest ioquake3 source.
      - Updated to latest vitaGL source.
      - Added MSAA 4x support (always active).
      - Improved performances and resource consumption of the renderer.
      - Added OpenArena support (NOTE: Read the updated first post), it will
      be fully playable since it's a free alternative to Quake III.

      v0.6 Beta
      - Added touchscreen support for camera/cursor movement
      - Added online and local multiplayer support
      - Fixed a bug causing textures to not being rendered in some maps (eg. Q3TOURNEY1)
      - Fixed a bug preventing Quake III Arena logo and character model to be rendered in game menus
      - Optimized a bit renderer code, now game should run with better framerate

      - Initial Release
      mfg seeWood

      Hier gehts zum: Tutorial sd2vita einrichten
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