GATEWAY emuNAND 11.7.0-40E/U/J (Original GATEWAY Card)

  • Do you have "b9s hack", and a backup of your nand and/or emunand (11.6.0-39) before bricking?
    If so use "decrypt9wip" to restore your nand and/or emunand, and try again.
    Or google "11.6.0-39E/U/" or 11.6.0-39E/U/" depending on your console region an model,
    and do a ctrnand transfer to sysnand and if it works but gateway doesn't then do a ctrnand transfer to emunand also.
    And if that doesn't work the you have to force an system update on booting while holding A+R+L+Up(DPad) and power button, so you will have a 11.8.0-41 console, but no gateway, then go to "3DS Hacks Guide" install "b9s hack", but if you already have it then just download the latest luma 9.1 it works on 11.8, and downgrade or ctrnand transfer to 11.2.0-35 (I recommend to downgrade sysnand to 9.2.0-20 and upgrade emunand to 11.2.0-35) and then use those releases to upgrade gateway from 11.3.0-36 all the way to 11.8.0-41, and your golden. I hope this will help you, good luck!

  • Patch01 is a version of the nim module too old to use on a new3ds (installer shows version 5.0.0, which not match with the ones on new3DS firmwares), so i suppose patch02 is to use on them instead of patch01?

    EDIT: if possible, i would want to known if there is a reason why we should be using an old nim module instead of the last one, it has some kind of conflict with others system modules, like the homemenu? i'm worried not using it would flag us on nintendo servers.

  • Hey guys I really need help. I used the hotfix patch and was able to install the patch 01.cia but before I was able to reboot I got hasty and opened eshop. It crashed then it restarted. Now everytime I boot into emunand it loads up a few seconds and i see my theme then black screen An error has occured Hold down the power, then turn it on and try again

  • I need your help please. I am currently on an unofficial version of emunand (GW3D 11.6.0-39E) which i installed thanks to this video (

    ) . I would like to install the latest emunand version on my console or at least the

    Then, my question is the following :

    Can i apply the tutorial on page 1 in order to upgrade my emunand to without bricking it ?

    Is there also an english version of the tutorial ? (I do not understand German).

    I really need your help caus' i am currently unable to play online.

    Thank you very much !

  • @kikogear @redstone did you fixed your problem with the black screen?
    At first restore your emuNand and repeat the steps.
    Maybe something was wrong.

    @ayoubix yes you can use the guide.
    For the first step -> create a backup of your emuNand.
    So you are safe, if something goes wrong.

    Download the files from the German guide section for the european console.
    After them you can switch to the englisch section, and follow the steps.
    The steps are all the same for each region!
    Only the packages are different for each region!

  • Nice to hear, that all is working fine!
    11.8 is already available.
    Take a look at page 2 at this topic, here are the quotes from 123ab ;)

    For emuNAND Firmware 11.8.0-41 E/U/J, update online via the System Settings!

    After them apply the patch

    But remember Big-N has implemented a new anti piracy feature with fw 11.8.
    So take care of what you do online!

  • @kempa

    Can't update to 11.8... I got the message "An error has occured. The update failed. The console will restart" when i am trying to do it."

  • I have a question that might interest a lot of people. Now i am running gw3d 11.8.0-41E, i would like to know how can i go "online" safely, without being banned.
    @kempa introduced the subject with this interesting idea : "... remember Big-N has implemented a new anti piracy feature with fw 11.8.
    So take care of what you do online!" but i would like to have a little more detail about that if possible.

    So can anyone please give an asnwer to my few questions:

    1) Can i play online with .3ds roms on which i applied a private header (starting from an original cartridge) ?

    2) Can i update my games from the eshop ?

    3) Can i use homebrews and stuff like PKSM or Pokebank to create Pokemon and trade them online ? I am not sure it is considered as cheats...

    4) Can i use the gateway cheat system (such as action replay) while playing online ?

    5) In general, which activity or behaviour could lead me to a ban ?

    That makes a lot of questions but i think it is important.

    Thanks a lot for your precious help.

  • yes I managed to update my emunand in 11.8 thank you very much for your work

    Good to hear that you fixed it by yourself :thumbup:
    And it's not my work -> it's from @123ab

    I have a question that might interest a lot of people. Now i am running gw3d 11.8.0-41E, i would like to know how can i go "online" safely, without being banned.

    If you search online for it (like google) you will find a few topics about it ;)

    To give you a short answer to you 5's.
    What i know from the new anti piracy feature.
    Actually it should only be an impact for installing illegal titles from the eShop like freeShop to get be banned.
    I don't know if Big-N is already banning (no known ban waves)
    But maybe they will flag the console and ban them later.

    But if you use your own dumps. with the original priv header.
    You should actually have not more risks to get be banned, as with older firmwares.


  • I actually searched a lot on the net before coming here and all i found is related to Luma 3ds... They do not talk a lout about Gateway (as gateway is normally dead) and the new anti piracy features coming with 11.8... Maybe it applies more on Custom firmware than linkers.
    Anyway, the most important question was my first one. If i can play online with my .3ds roms that have private header, it is already a great victory ;-)

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