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  • Tegra Explorer wurde auf Version 1.4.0 aktualisiert. Diese Version (der offizielle Release) ist jedoch nicht mit dem AtmoXL Update Script kompatibel. Daher habe ich diesen Payload auch noch nicht im AtmoXL Paket aktualisiert. Ich habe den Dev bereits auf die Problematik hingewiesen. Sobald eine entsprechend angepasste Version zur Verfügung steht, werde ich das AtmoXL Paket diesbezüglich aktualisieren. :)

    Hier der Changelog zu Version 1.4.0

    Basically a rewrite

    • Added better warnings, with description
    • Revamped gfx system
    • Bis restoring, extracting, dumping


    Lots of things. Stuff should be faster and more stable
    This release of TegraExplorer runs a lot faster when you have minerva on your sd card. This means that having the bootloader folder of hekate 5.1.0+ on your sd cards speeds things up a lot!


  • Rekado wurde auf Version 3.4 aktualisiert!



    • Added: Ability to follow the theme of the system or set it based on the "Battery Saver" mode.
    • Improved: Color of icons in the "Rose" theme.
    • Improved: Color of text and icons in navigation bottom bar for all themes.


    • Updated: Hekate to 5.1.3.
    • Updated: Fusee-primary to 0.10.4.

    Erhältlich hier oder hier

  • Animal Crossing New Horizons Design Pattern Editor wurde veröffentlicht! :)

    Aktuelle Version: 0.9.1


  • Rekado wurde auf Version 4.0 aktualisiert!


    • Added: Ability to update pre-installed payloads. Just swipe from the top of the screen in the "Payloads" screen and it will notify you, if there are some updates.
    • Added: Versions to the pre-installed payloads.
    • Removed: Ability to hide pre-installed payloads (due to the low popularity of the function).


    • Updated: Some icons on all screens.


    • Updated: Code architecture to MVVM with Navigation Graph.


    • Removed: Pre-installed payload - "ReiNX".
    • Updated: Fusee-primary to 0.10.5 (which is the same as 0.10.4).

    Erhältlich hier oder hier

  • nx-hbloader wurde auf Version 2.3.1 aktualisiert!


    • Built with libnx v3.1.0.
    • Use InfoType_IsApplication to set g_isApplication when available.
    • SVC related corrections.


  • Lockpick_RCM wurde auf Version 1.8.2 aktualisiert!

    Version 10.0.0, in addition to having new key offsets, expands the 80000000000000E1 common ticket save. This revealed a bug in remap init code, now fixed. Also fixed a bug caused by missing ES saves.

    Erhältlich aus diesem Thema:
    [Tutorial] Switch Keys auslesen

  • emuiibo wurde auf Version 0.5 aktualisiert!


    • Latest Atmosphere (0.11.1) and 10.0.0 support
    • New virtual amiibo format, consisting on a single JSON file (emuiibo will automatically convert old formats to this new format on startup)

    emuiibo has been completely rewritten, and this has been incredibly helpful, since almost any issue present for previous versions is no longer a problem ;)

    • Key combos are no longer a thing, since they were a not very friendly way of controlling emuiibo, and having an overlay is 100 times more helpful.
    • The way emuiibo internally "mimics" Nintendo's amiibo services has been improved a lot. This was what caused many games to not work fine (Link's Awakening, Diablo 3, Fire Emblem...). In fact, emuiibo is introducing a new feature which makes amiibo emulation slightly more similar to real amiibos, which made those specific games work (see below).
    • Virtual amiibo connecting/disconnecting: these two are the equivalents of placing a real amiibo in the NFC point/R-stick (connecting it) and removing it from that spot (disconnecting it). Previously, emuiibo "tried" to take care of that manually (games like SSBU asked the user to remove the amiibo after saving progress), which resulted in many games freezing when they read amiibos. Now, simply disconnect the amiibo when you need to remove it, and connect it to use it again!
    • Support for raw bin amiibo dumps works now (it was broken for v0.4)
    • Old (v0.3.x and v0.4) amiibo formats are converted on startup, so no need to create new amiibos, old ones should work :)
    • IPC API changed completely, check the overlay's source as an example of how it works.
    • Now logs are reset on each reboot, so make sure to not reboot or make a copy of emuiibo's log file if wou want to preserve them! (this was done since the log file would get excessively big if it wasn't cleaned)

    [NEW] Tesla overlay
    This is a new addition to the project and, probably, the best and easiest way of controlling emuiibo (thanks to WerWolv for such an amazing project)!
    This are its current features:

    • Toggle on/off emulation
    • Control virtual amiibo emulation with emuiibo, select a virtual amiibo as active, connect/disconnect it (see above)
    • Browse through categories, keep your virtual amiibos organized
    • See in real time if the currently opened game is being intercepted by emuiibo (if you have the overlay open while the game runs, you might be able to spot the exact instant in which emuiibo intercepts the game's amiibo access)


    • Saving virtual amiibos to FTP is now supported.
    • Fixed a bug where amiibos with the same name would make the program fail.
    • Added support to save amiibos using the last location selected to save the previous amiibo, instead of having to select it again (can be quite useful when making many virtual amiibos).
    • Virtual amiibo name and the virtual amiibo's directory name are now different settings (they used to be treated as the same field before).
    • An option has been added to save the amiibo's image as a PNG file (amiibo.png), overlay might add support to display it in next versions ;)
    • Added help option, which will point to emuiibo's repository's README.


  • bitmap printer den sys-Modulen der HB-Collection hinzugefügt!

  • hid-mitm-plus den sys-Modulen der HB-Collection hinzugefügt!

  • Rekado wurde auf Version 4.0.1 aktualisiert!



    • Fixed: Can't add payloads from internal storage.


    • Updated: All bundled payloads to the latest versions.

    Erhältlich hier oder hier

  • Lockpick_RCM wurde auf Version 1.8.3 aktualisiert!

    Improved the general aes-xts crypto function to match the diskio algorithm (only 2 total aes-ecb calls instead of one per block) and perform the xor operations in 32-bit chunks. Also updated for gcc 10 and merged latest Hekate commits.
    Sysmmc runs get a slight speed improvement, emummc gets a large speed improvement, especially file-based.
    Also now supports parsing sept from sept-secondary if FSS0 entry is present in hekate_ipl.ini

    Erhältlich aus diesem Thema:
    [Tutorial] Switch Keys auslesen

  • sys-http wurde auf Version 0.1.0 aktualisiert!


    • CORS headers to allow web browsers to work with sys-http
    • /settings/language to get the console language


    CaptureSight wurde auf Version 0.6.2 aktualisiert!



  • Lockpick_RCM wurde auf Version 1.8.4 aktualisiert!


    • Sept issued a breaking change to master key slot, now Lockpick_RCM supports the new and old versions both.

    Erhältlich aus diesem Thema:

    RE: [Tutorial] Switch Keys auslesen

    AtmoXL und amsPLUS sind bereits damit schon ausgestattet:)

  • sys-clk wurde auf Version 1.0.0 aktualisiert!


    This release marks the first 1.x version, and introduces 2 new ways to view and edit the config:

    • Homebrew app: sys-clk manager, testing grounds of borealis, a new hardware accelerated, Nintendo Switch inspired UI library for PC and Nintendo Switch
    • Tesla overlay: sys-clk-overlay, powered by libtesla


  • switch-lan-play wurde auf Version 0.2.2 aktualisiert!


    • don't output pmtu log
    • add optional interface specification

      Use flag --netif to set the interface to open up. Specify with an int using the list from --list-if
    • support ipv6 now


    • always using socks5 proxy even no flag


  • switch-lan-play wurde auf Version 0.2.3 aktualisiert!


    • build: should be release mode on windows


  • ldn_mitm wurde auf Version 1.4.0 aktualisiert!


    • Only be compatiable with Atmosphere 0.13.0


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