Help think ive bricked my emunand

  • hello,

    i was running my o3ds and gateway 4.2 ultra quite happily on 11.3e emunand, think it was that version defo 11.x.

    anyway i had problems with Metroid Fusion eshop not running, which i think did work about 18 months back. so someone with a similar issue was told to try and open it from the official eshop. at this point it wanted to do an update. so i made sure i was in emunand and did an update from there to im guessing 11.13e.

    after it had finished i rebooted into sysnand 4.4 then ran the profile trick and gateway screen pops up for what seems slightly longer then black screen with power light stuck on. need to hold the power button to turn off.

    is there a fix or am i going to have to format the emunand and start from scratch? ive seen there is some unofficial update for the gateway card but says for 11.7. ive also seen a youtube of someone supposedly running 11.13 on a gateway but doesnt give any info.

  • The same what i wrote you on gbatemp. Try to export your saves if you have one, update the firmware and install boot9strap. Gateway is outdated and not longer under development.

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