Score Ps4 pro with jailbreakable firm

  • Hi, sorry to write in English, my German is not that good.

    I was wondering if someone has recently been able to get a Ps4 pro with a low firmware that is hackable.

    Amazon has a couple of bundles and just the console. I'm wondering if someone recently has bought a console and can let me know if he/she got a version below 7.55.

    Many thanks in advance.

    Ps. Yes, I've searched ebay-kleinanzeigen, or ebay. But people are out of their minds asking for just the console (3 years old) about 370€, a new console costs 300€

    Ps2. This is one of the bundles to be found in amazon:…id=1618254226&sr=8-1&th=1

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  • Hier mal eine Liste mit Jailbreakfähigen PS4

    There's a summery of bundles with a high possibility of being lower than 7.55.

    This board has a section for trading. There you can also find some offers.

    An- und Verkauf

  • Hi,

    this is my offer if you are interested ;)

    PS4 Pro Fifa20 Bundle 1TB CUH-7216B neu mit Firmware 6.70

    Selling a new PS4 Pro Fifa20 Bundle 1TB CUH-7216B new from January 2020 with firmware 6.70

    OVP was sealed and was only opened to look for the firmware.

    All the accessories and the game itself are of course all new too.

    Invoice available.

    400.00 € VB. including insured shipping with DHL only Germany !!!

    No guarantee or warranty on my part!

    If you are interested, just contact me via conversation / PN ...

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