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    • Alternativen zu BleemSync

      Hier Alternativen zu BleemSync:

      # cbleemsync (autobleem)
      Stand - 20.01.19 - V0.4.0

      Update - 29.01.19 - V0.5.0

      Update - V0.5.1

      AutoBleem is a tool to make your PlayStation Classic more usefull.It is relatively safe way to add games ,
      change look and feel, change advanced configuration of your mini console.

      Grüße lotus78

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    • # psxc_xpandr
      Stand - 20.01.19 - V2.2

      Update - V2.5 - 26.01.19

      Update - V2.5.1 - 27.01.19

      A hack to expand and/or replace virtually games on PlayStation Classic using a external USB drive.
      Grüße lotus78

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    • # psc_modding
      Stand - 20.01.19 - V3.0

      Hier ist der große Unterschied zu den andern Varianten, das man für die Games keine Ordnerastruktur erstellen muss.
      Man kann alle Games in den Game Ordner schieben - der Rest wird automatisch gemacht.
      Grüße lotus78
    • @joe82er
      Ich denke er hat es nur vergessen zu erwähnen.
      Der ganze lol Hack funktioniert ja nur Aufgrund dessen, das die PS Classicc auf den USB Stick schaut, und ein vermeintliches Update sucht.
      Wenn der Stick nicht SONY heißt, dann greift die PS Classic nicht auf den Stick zu.
      Ich habe das jetzt auch getestet - ohne Stick Name "SONY" bootet die PS Classic im Original Zustand.
      Grüße lotus78
    • Update psxc_xpandr V2.5 eingetragen.

      Changes in this version:
      Informational messages while running
      Added localization support
      Added Spanish Language localization
      Grüße lotus78

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    • Update:
      cbleemsync (autobleem) V 0.5.0

      New features and bugfixes
      • Support to create custom memory cards (L1 ->X)
      • Support to attach custom memory cards into games (they are hot-swapped when game loads in GUI - NOTE: SONYUI editor shows always internal memory card, but you can use PCSX hidden menu to see it) (L1 -> O )
      • Ability to rename games on console (L1 -> O)
      • Ability to store memory card as shared card to use on different games
      • Ability to block scanning/rescanning of games not found in coverdb
      • Ability to hide RetroArch option if not used (Option menu)
      • Ability to hide Advanced options (memory cards and game manager)
      • Automatic fixes for games with "," sign in filenames (auto replace to "-")
      • Improved folder structure on USB (no gamedata subfolders - memory cards and pscx state stored in special folder)
      • Updates in themes to support new features
      • Upgraded cover DB
      • Lot of small bugfixes found during testing 0.4

      V 5.0.1:
      Features in GUI
      1. Upgraded Theme engine to support more customization in covers
      2. New cover database for US region donated by RetroMended (MadLittlePixel group)
      3. Support multilingual UI ... AutoBleem now speaks English, German, French, Dutch and Polish
      4. Support to change game resolution from GUI (no need to play with pcsx.cfg)
      5. Support for Quick Boot (you do not need to press Start)
      6. Clear names for options
      7. Removed false/true from options - now it has proper icons there
      8. New AutoBleem and SONY themes by Kevzombie. Special PS theme for this release based on PS4 20th anniversary theme.
      9. Game manager shows free space on USB stick and the Cover of selected game.
      10. Fixed a bug that prevented renaming of PBP games
      11. Generic cleaup of GUI source code
      Grüße lotus78

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    • Gestern kam erst die 0.7 raus und jetzt schon die nächste, lol.