Angepinnt PS2 Browser - Internetbrowser für eure PS 2 !

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    • PS2 Browser - Internetbrowser für eure PS 2 !

      mit diesem Image von cd oder von HDD gestartet könnt ihr mit eurer PS2 im Intenet surfen.

      Klickt hier um das Image zu bekommen.


      Background Info
      This is a web browser for PS2 as used for the Central Station beta trial in Europe. Central Station Europe URL is I doubt it will work with this browser as it needs the final (not beta) version.

      The PS2 internet browser is based on TV Interactor 2.2, a portable web browser provided by Oregan Networks (, the modular design of the TV Interactor means that companies can select which internet technologies they wish to support. See file formats below...

      NTSC Users (Americans etc)
      This is a PAL release, to make it work on NTSC use the included ADR_PAtcher and patch the BIN file to from PAL to NTSC. I've test this and it works fine. Don't forget to setup your screen ! Once in the browser press L1 and select 'settings' from the top of the screen. Resize to the picture to fit your screen.

      All Video clips were cut from this cd image.

      Get Connected Menu
      You will need the Sony Broadband Network adapter connected, setup and working. This might work on the USB network adapters like the Linksys USB100TX but I've not tested it. I was able to use my existing network config file from SOCOM. If you can't use your existing config file then follow the on screen instructions and setup your connection.

      (Network diagnostic option seems to just crash / lockup for me.)

      In the options set the 'Screen ratio' to 16:9. It looks a bit squashed but it doesn't look so bad on webpage and it save having to scroll left and right to view a page.

      Central Station Menu
      Assuming you've now got your network config file saved go into Central Station menu item. You need to save your Central Station settings so select 'save', this file will automatically load from now on.

      When the message "The Web Page requested '' was not available" appears ons screen...PANIC ! the START button on JoyPad 1. If you've set everything up correctly you should now see the google page :)

      Or you get the screen "Central Station can not be displayed using the this older beta" etc.... then press "Start" to load the google page.

      Browser Controls
      JoyPad 1, optional USB keyboard, optional USB mouse.

      (To use the USB mouse and USB keyboard they need to be plugged into the PS2 before you turn it on)

      L2 Caps Lock On / Off
      L1 On Screen Keyboard
      R2 Special Character On / Off
      R1 Brower Menu (Open / Close)

      Start : Homepage (
      Start - Select : Exit Browser

      Triangle : Back to previous page
      Circle : Forward to next page
      Square : Controls On / Off
      Cross : Select Item (hold to drag)

      Right Stick : Scroll web pages
      Left Stick : Move pointer
      L3 Select Item

      Direction Buttons : Navigate menus

      I've set the homepage as as from that you can get almost anywhere. The browser has no address bar so if you want a specific page not on google do a search on "goto url". One of the top search items is "" where you can directly enter a URL u want to goto e.g you PC web server.

      I setup a web server on my PC so I could browse my files from the PS2. The browser handles all my Mp3 from low bitrate to variable bit rate. I think 8 mb was the biggest mp3 file I attempted to play. When its playing a mp3 it will continue to do so even if you browse to new page !

      Most pages seem ok, I've tried various one from Google, CNN, BBC Sport, and .jp, Ebay and some PS2 scene forums without a hitch.

      File Formats
      I've tested various file formats :

      Picture files e.g BMP, JPG etc = Yes
      Mp3s = Yes
      Quicktime Movies = No
      AVI files = No
      Divx (Xvid) = No
      Mpeg (mpg) = No
      Shockwave = Depends what version they were made with, some work, some don't.

      Looking on Oregan webpage its most likely these are the files / standards supported by the browser.

      HTML 4.0, CSS
      JavaScript 1.5 and Macromedia Flash 4.0
      Frames, I-Frames and full frame history
      SSl 2.0 & 3.0 with Smartcard transaction authenication
      Graphic formats - JPEG, GIF, PNG / Audio Formats - WAV, AU, MP3
      Quality TV vector fonts
      Free roaming pointer or fixed cursor navigation via keyboard or usb mouse

      Setup your screen ! Once in the browser press L1 and select 'settings' from the top of the screen. Resize to the picture to fit your screen.

      Once the browser has loaded the CD still spins. It doesn't seem to access it anymore so you might want to take the CD out to stop wear of your PS2.

      Set the options 'screen ratio' options to widescreen regardless of if you have a widescreen tv. This will enable the entire google homepage to fit on your screen (tv) without having to scrool left and right. Yes it squashes things up a little bit but even on a 15" screen its readable.

      If you looking in the oregan.elf it has some interesting info perhaps....for someone who knows what they are doing. It has some notes on clock, Yahoo Instant messenger on support pages. You can download this files, I've included them on the CD incase they disappear and someone can do something with them ;)

      For more info on Central Station and how to access it from your PC check out :

      Released 6th June 2003 by some l33t m0f0......

    • Da musst Du Dich irren,oder der,der in meinem Download den Text geschrieben hat,denn der schreibt(und das ist auch logisch,denn die Centralstation ist europäisch)das der Browser normal PAL ist und man Ihn patchen muss.Kann ja auch sein das Experiment das gemacht hatte?
      Chippi,keine Ursache,Du hast mir schon soviel geholfen mit Deiner Erfahrung,da is das doch ein Klacks.
      MfG,Tom! 8:)