>>Wii USB Devices Compatibility List<<

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    PLEASE READ ME (Guidelines)[edit]1. If you are the first person to add a Device, then the confirmed column should read 0 (as it is unconfirmed). Every person should then add 1 to that when they have verified that outcome.

    2. Keep it to English! Most people at GBATemp have decent English, if you can't say something in English, then write it down in whatever language you speak and hopefully someone will translate it for you.

    3. Try to fill out as much as you can.

    4. Hugely important would be adding a link to the drive and where you bought it. Naming has been a little vague, lets be precise. Drives can differ from batch to batch. If the shop you purchased it from can't be found online, please find the manufacturers web page for that EXACT drive version.

    5. If you are running the game using a card reader (SD, Memory Stick, CF, etc), list the READER, NOT THE CARD; USB cardreaders are bridge-like in that any card will work with a working reader. Similarly, if using an enclosure that wasn't sold at retail with your hard drive already in it, list the ENCLOSURE, NOT the drive itself.

    Quelle: wiki.gbatemp

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