GATEWAY emuNAND 11.7.0-40E/U/J (Original GATEWAY Card)

  • emuNAND 11.7.0-40E

    emuNAND 11.7.0-40U

    emuNAND 11.7.0-40J

  • Only for Gateway EmuNAND. ;)

  • Thanks for the answer. But just to be on the safe side: if anything goes wrong and this update turns out not to be compatible with the frankenfirmware I currently have installed, can it be fixed afterwards? Also, there's one thing I forgot to mention: I have linked nands (long story, don't ask). Do I run the risk of messing something up if I install this with linked nands?

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  • Hi,
    if you want to be safe, if something goes wrong.
    You can backup your emuNand and all your files on the sd card.

    • Take out the sd card from your ds and insert it on your pc.
    • Use this tool -> 3DS-Multi-EmuNAND-Creator

    • And extract your NAND from the sd card to a safe location.

    • After them copy the full content from the sd card to a safe location.

    And now you can follow the guide from the first post with all steps ;)

    If you get problems. You can easily inject your emuNand back.

    Lastly remove all files from the sd card and copy your content from your safe location to the sd card back.

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