Switch CFW allgemein (Tools, Homebrew usw.)

  • Ich habe die version von KOSMOS V16.1 Installiert

    Warum installierst du die CFW eines veralteten und stillgelegten Projektes? Wenn du zukünftig ein problemlos laufendes CFW System haben möchtest, das auch mit allen erforderlichen Patches ausgestattet ist, solltest du dir diese Kompilation einrichten :)

    CFW amsPLUS - Das einsteigerfreundliche All-in-One Paket

  • Rekado wurde auf Version 4.1 aktualisiert!



    • Added: ReiNX payload as bundled - #78.
    • Added: Ability to hide all bundled payloads - #74.
    • Improved: Rekado now can let you know, when the update is available and will let you download it - #71.


    • Added: Full support for the "Edge-to-Edge" navigation on Android 10 and newer - #81.
    • Improved: Overhaul design.


    • Fixed: Crash in the "Payloads" screen - #73.

    Erhältlich hier oder hier

  • Der Entwickler tomvita hat einen Fork von EdiZon veröffentlicht, der auf Nightly Version 3.1 des Originals basiert.

    Es handelt sich um:


    This fork is based on the foundation of EdiZon 3.1 nightly. The changes made are on the game memory hack aspect.

    Here are the added features:

    1. Range search.
    2. Compare with previous value search.
    3. Bookmark memory location found.
    4. Speed enhancement to make small integer value in first search practicle.
    5. Bookmark adjust to changing main and heap start address on subsequent launch of the game. Bookmark with pointer chain attached updates memory address dynamically when the chain is able to resolve into a valid memory address.
    6. Extract memory address from dmnt cheat code and add it to bookmark for exploration of the memory location.
    7. Rebase feature to extract potential pointer chain form dmnt cheat code made for previous version of the game.
    8. In app pointer chain search for address on bookmark.
    9. Export dump to PC app (forked from pointersearcher 0.4) for more powerful pointer chain search.
    10. Import PC app search result for validation and testing.
    11. Create dmnt cheat code from pointer chain found.

    PS: In app help on button combo currently don't show enough hints. Please refer to https://github.com/tomvita/EdiZon-SE/wiki for instructions on how to use the app.

    Original functinality of Edizon on game save is available when launched without a game running.



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