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      dwedit hat eine neue Version seines NES Emulators für den GBA released. Mit PocketNES und einer Slot 2 kompatiblen Flashkarte könnt ihr eure Retro Gamesauf eurem GBA und Nintendo DS spielen.


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      Changes from 11-10-08 version
      * Hack to make Bill & Ted, Rocket Ranger etc work
      * Faster CPU core
      * Some CPU instructions have more accurate timing (improves Battletoads)
      * Fixed the stupid bug where you scrolled to the bottom in unscaled mode and it crashes

      Changes from 7-31-08 version
      * Fixed cheatfidner
      * Added double nop instruction, fixes Puzznic

      Changes from 7-23-08 version:
      * Fixed games which do not initially have last rom page mapped into reset vector area
      * Fixed compressed Bio Miracle Upa
      * Fixed critical bug in save system I accidentally introduced

      Changes from 7-22-08 version:
      * Bugfixes to vertical scrolling change with screen off

      Changes from 7-21-08 version:
      * Bugfixes to save system, preventing save corruption

      Changes from 7-19-08 version:

      * New BG scaler
      * Supports trainers on roms
      * More accurate MMC3 emulation
      * Some scrolling fixes
      * Fully automatic speedhacks
      * Loads savestates from old versions of PocketNES
      * No longer chokes when loading corrupted savestates
      * ASM code to load roms moved to C
      * Supports illegal instruction LDAX ($nn),Y

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    • Goomba is ein Gameboy/Gameboy Color Emu für den GBA.

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      v2.38 - 2009-10-20 (Kuwanger)
      Accomodate up to 256 borders and 256 palettes
      Incorporated a border/palette list (modification of Dwedit's)

      v2.37 - 2009-10-18 (Kuwanger)
      Altered the border style slightly to accomodate 240 tiles (enough for the whole screen)
      Added Super Gameboy Borders (dumped by Asaki)

      v2.36 - 2009-10-14 (Kuwanger)
      More aggressive reset registers
      Reset horizontal/vertical offset registers
      Added Gameboy Color palettes (mixed by Asaki)

      v2.36RC1 - 2009-09-24 (Kuwanger)
      Added exit support for EZ4 and Supercard

      v2.35 - 2009-05-01 (Kuwanger)
      Fix custom palette loading (should fix SML)
      Fix typo with Multi1/Multi2

      v2.34 - 2009-04-20/2009-04-21 (Kuwanger)
      Add hotkey to switch border
      Instant palette switching in menu
      Appendable palettes
      Fixed a small double counting of borders/palettes bug under Pogoshell

      v2.33 - 2009-04-18/2009-04-19 (Kuwanger)
      Incorporate Asaki's Super Gameboy Palettes and hotkey
      Add Dwedit's "Pea Soup" palette
      Expanded names of most palettes similar to Dwedit
      Added 2.5s flash of current palette name
      Fix my overlay compression so it shouldn't corrupt

      v2.32 - 2006-03-19 (Kuwanger)
      Fixed a nasty bug involving the improper updating of totalstatesize--
      probably my fault

      v2.31 - 2005-09-27 (Kuwanger)
      Incorporate changes from FluBBa's v2.30
      FluBBa's changes from v2.2 to v2.3
      - Fixed MultiBoot transfer.
      - Fixed a bug in the sound init.
      - Fixed the RTC a bit.
      - Changed some small things in the cpu core (DK and Kirby faster).

      v2.23 - 2005-08-03 (Kuwanger)
      Customizable Border
      Reworked sram.c to avoid going past END_OF_EXRAM

      v2.22 - 2005-07-31 (Kuwanger)
      Fix to work with multiboot
      Add "Go Multiboot"

      v2.22 - 2005-07-28 (Kuwanger)
      Include Preview
      Tweak Metroid Palette more

      v2.22 - 2005-07-25 (Kuwanger)
      Include Palette Editing
      Make Goomba Border default

      V2.21 - 2005-07-23 (Kuwanger)
      Fiddled with Metroid Palette
      Added a new Border

      V2.2 - 2005-04-14 (FluBBa)
      Added rumble support on Gameboy Player.

      V2.1 - 2004-11-03 (FluBBa)
      Fixed clock on EZ3 cards, maybe others as well.
      Now saves Gamma setting.

      V2.0 - 2004-09-19 (FluBBa)
      Added option to automaticly load savestates.
      Added gamma adjustment.
      Fixed some missing text with the new menus.
      Tweaked some palettes.
      Better VBLankWait.

      V1.9 - 2004-07-18 (FluBBa)
      Added optional FPS meter.
      Added setting for autosleep time.
      Added menu for VSync on/off/slowmo.
      Added "transparent" border.
      Added swapping of A & B buttons.
      Fixed transfer when used as compressed (.mbz) plugin.
      Fixed transfer on EZFA cards when bootmenu used.
      Changed some of the old palettes and added some more.

      V1.8 - 2003-11-14 (FluBBa)
      Added support for 32kbyte ERAM for MBC1 & MBC5 also.
      Fixed transfer of games that are 128kbyte big.
      Fixed a smal error with the joypad reg.
      Fixed the HALT instruction.
      Fixed RTC routines.

      V1.7 - 2003-11-07 (FluBBa)
      Added support for clock in games which use it.
      Added support for 32kbyte external RAM,!!BEWARE!! it's not saved.
      Fixed joypad reads, no games should use the SGB functions.
      Fixed sprite size (Chase HQ).
      Resets more hardware regs before exiting.
      Workaround for the XG2 bootmenu.

      V1.6 - 2003-11-02 (FluBBa)
      Fixed savestates in more games.
      Fixed reseting of LCDCY reg when changing games.

      V1.5 - 2003-10-31 (FluBBa)
      Fixed savestates in "Kirby's Dream Land" & "Pokemon Blue".
      Fixed MBC1 for big games (1MByte+).
      Fixed window Y position in some games.
      Fixed reading of Serial control Reg.
      Fixed games that uses Push to write to tilemap.
      Fixed most WIN/BG overlay problems.
      Optimized sprite engine.
      Changed how IRQ is handled when writing to IRQ enable.

      V1.0 - 2003-10-24 (FluBBa)
      Initial release.
      GB-Z80 done, probably some bug left.
      Memory done, only 8kbytes of external ram.
      LCD done, windows not fully working.
      Sound done, waveram not allways updated correctly.
      MBC's, most done, no clock or ram paging yet.
      Controller done.
      Serial done, should act like real.
      Savestates done, not found any problems.
      Link Transfer done, as usual works when it wants to.

      V0.0 - 2003-09-24 (FluBBa)
      Started coding.


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    • Ich habe mir den PocketNES auf meine Karte kopiert und wollte mal ein NES-Spiel testen.
      Wenn ich aber den Emulator starte, bleibt das Display schwarz und wenn ich L+R drücke, sehe ich ganz kurz Einstellungsmöglichkeiten, dann wieder schwarz.
      Wie bekomme ich den Emulator zum Laufen?
      Müssen Ordner erstellt werden?

      Ich nutze einen GBA Micro mit eine EZ Flash IV-Karte mit aktuellem Update.

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    • Probier mal den hier (PocketNES 07/05/2012 [Nintendo GBA] [ARM])


      Scheint neuer zu sein als der aus dem Anfangspost. Ansonsten hab ich leider au keine Ahnung warum der nicht geht.

      Kein Support per PN oder E-mail!!!

      Regeln und Hinweise für den An / Verkauf!!! - USK 18 Bereich! - Thanks

      "Wenn du eine weise Antwort verlangst, musst du vernünftig fragen!"
      Johann Wolfgang von Goethe