PS1 emu PcsXbox V22b25 BETA released

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    • PS1 emu PcsXbox V22b25 BETA released

      Eines Vorweg, ist noch nicht ganz fertig. Ist für die die nicht warten können.
      Die .ini `s werden momentan angepasst.…8cATtd3mn1RUlYeFhBbkpfM28


      Ein paar Einstellungen gibts hier.…jlX8y1XE/edit?
      Paranoide Menschen sehen die Welt heutzutage irgendwie realistischer .... ;)

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    • Welche Games sehr gut laufen weis ich nicht?
      Muss man austesten, oder warten bis fertige Einstellungen zur verfügung stehen.
      Bei dem emu kann eh enorm viel Einstellen, für die ersten groben Schritte
      mit den CORE und evt. Frameskip hat man mir es so erklärt...

      Spoiler anzeigen

      1.4 - fast but has
      issues with fmvs on a good number of games eg dino crisis intro fmv does
      not display at all always worth a test to see if the game runs on this
      core though madmab said he updated them so a good number should be fixed
      regarding this issue

      1.5 - slower than 1.4 but has superioir compatability
      new cd code in cpu fixes) - basicly the above statement only a good
      number of reloaded only games will also work under the core as a result
      with better speed compared to reloaded

      1.5R - slowest but has high compatability and runs games the others cant

      - meh not too sure on the details for this one i think it was suppose
      to run a handful of specific games better but not sure which im sure
      somone has the specifics it has issues with mem card saving aswell so
      basicly the core sucks i say we burn it with fire

      the fixes sections is usually a game by game basis i personally usually start with

      old frameskip on
      frameskip off
      framelimit on

      provides smooth speed up in most games but the ones that run slow will
      most likley need standard frameskip enabled but it provides a good
      starting point like scorp posted before whilst confirming dino crisis on
      a stock xbox he needed frameskip enabled to fix the audio pop/stutter
      in voices

      then you have certan games that require specific hacks
      enabled but most of em have there name labled after said hack so thats
      ussually an easy thing to deal with

      Habe bei mir Brahma Force getestet
      Intro minimal hakelig aber spielt sich sehr gut.

      Core Version: 1.4
      GPU Plugin Version: 1.18
      SPU Plugin Version: 1.9

      Set Graphic Fixes

      Framelimit on
      Paranoide Menschen sehen die Welt heutzutage irgendwie realistischer .... ;)