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      HABIB STARBUCKS ESPRESSO 4.81 BETA v2 by Joonie86

      es handelt sich um eine DB-CFW, eine Fake OFW mit Unterstützung für Disk Backups und für ODE Besitzer die zwar eine CFW installiert haben, aber gerne ohne zu swapen spielen möchten

      Patched contents
      LV0 : ECDSA disabled on all LV0 loaders [the same as the original HABIB 4.81 COBRA 7.4] , Currently it can run some homebrew,
      however there are No CFW syscalls available So the most homebrews won't work properly, I will remove more patches on later versions to prevent homebrews being launched
      spu_pkg_rvk_verifier : allow unsigned spkg for FW installation on CFW 4.21 and higher
      LV2 :
      Mini payload added to hook storage syscalls to fake the bd authentication for burned optical media
      Kernel patches added to allow ODE (Testers needed for those who have ODE on CFW.)
      UPL : Patched to allow installation on XMB for PS3 with NAND models
      TO DO :
      Minimize patches on LV0 after further testing
      Verify the compatibility with ODE [3K3Y, E3 and COBRA ODE]
      The idea was suggested by @sandungas and I'd figure we could give it ago with minimizing COBRA's feature to only allow such features like backup disc support and ODE
      Basically you can take this MFW as @habib's DBOFW + bare minimum backup support [Optical media and ODE]
      I'd appreciate if anyone who's interested can test this for us.
      The purpose of this MFW is to provide the maximum stealth with backup support.
      dev_flash is untouched, but only LV2 and LV0, and that spu_pkg_rvk_verifier for FW installation on 4.XX CFW <- Without this only 3.55 is allowed.
      So basically with this CFW, users don't have to worry about dealing with webMAN , SEN, PSNPatch, COBRA or any other but switching discs [retail or backup]
      Using a clean HDD for the maximum stealth is recommended.

      This MFW can only be installed on following firmwares
      Any OFW 3.55 and below,
      Any CFW [3.41-4.81]
      **** You can always install any CFW 4.81 on top of this firmware ****

      Download: https://mega.nz/#!XFAUxL7L!gT1G9MZkI8WnvAl4sudGu0cZG2Srb8fAcFMu64qYiKM
      Quelle: Joonie86 via logic-sunrise.com/forums/topic…o-mfw-beta-v2-disponible/

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    • wow ich bin echt begeistert was da alles noch rauskommt für die Ps3.
      Für mich immer noch die beste Multimedia Konsole schlecht hin.
      Okay das hat man auch von der Ps2 gesagt aber die ist auch noch over the top.

      Hoffe das rebug da auch noch was am Start bringt den an meine Playsi 3 cfw lass ich nur Originale und rebug ran :lachende:
      Alles ist nichts ohne das nichts