[HEN_Emulator] mGBA Vita

  • Update auf mGBA 0.5.0 mit einer langen Liste von Bugfixes und neuen Features :)



    • ARM7: Fix decoding of Thumb ADD (variants 5 and 6)
    • Debugger: Fix GDB breakpoints
    • GBA: Fix losing IRQs when CPSR I bit isn’t cleared
    • GBA: Fix filehandle leak with savegames
    • GBA: Timer 0 cannot be count up
    • GBA: Count up timers should not count themselves
    • GBA Memory: Fix mirror on non-overdumped Classic NES games
    • GBA Memory: Fix ldm {pc}
    • GBA Savedata: Fix savedata sync timer
    • GBA Savedata: Only unmap savedata if present
    • GBA Serialize: Savestates now properly store prefetch
    • GBA Video: WIN0/1 take priority over OBJWIN
    • GBA Video: Fix out-of-order OBJWIN
    • PSP2: Fix GPU crash while exiting
    • PSP2: Fix VSync
    • PSP2: Fix accelerometer range
    • PSP2: Actually load screen mode setting
    • PSP2: Fix gyroscope direction
    • PSP2: Delete threads after they return
    • PSP2: Fix mapping/unmapping from not at 0
    • Qt: Fix bug in software renderer scaling
    • Qt: Fix hanging key press after disabling autofire
    • Qt: Fix being unable to pause manually when using auto-pausing
    • SDL: Fix axes being mapped wrong
    • Util: Fix realloc semantics in utf16to8
    • Util: Fix inserting too many items into a hash table
    • VFS: Fix uninitialized varaible reading from 7z
    • VFS: Fix reading multiple files from a 7z archive
    • Wii: Fix framelimiting after a slowdown
    • Wii: Fix garbage flash at startup



    • Game Boy support
    • Support for encrypted CodeBreaker GBA cheats
    • Emulation of Vast Fame protected GBA carts (taizou)
    • Tile viewer
    • Threaded rendering mode
    • Libretro: Memory map and achievement support (leiradel)
    • GUI: Add UI control remapping
    • GUI: Add fast-forward
    • Wii: 240p support
    • 3DS: Adjustable screen darkening
    • Ability to temporarily load a savegame
    • Load specific files out of archives
    • Automatic BIOS detection

    Download: https://mega.nz/#!3IgATCgL!5-Ng6RCUFupAVm6aP97gR76fGKSO1iIjgevHPkOvO-A

    Zur Spenden-Seite: https://mgba.io/donate.html

  • mGBA v 0.5.1

    mGBA 0.5.1
    Oct 5, 2016 – written by endrift

    Core: Fix importing save games as read-only
    FFmpeg: Fix encoding AAC
    GB: Fix invalid STOP behavior on Game Boy Color
    GB: Initialize audio properly
    GB: Properly clear KEY1 bit 0 when switching speeds
    GB: Properly unload save files when unloading a ROM
    GB, GBA: Fix emulator hardlocking when halting with IRQs off
    GB MBC: Fix MBC7 when size is incorrectly specified
    GB MBC: Fix RTC access when no save file is loaded
    GB SIO: Don’t auto-clock external shift clock
    GB Video: Setting LYC=LY during mode 2 should trigger an IRQ
    GB Video: Fix video frames getting missed when LCDC is off
    GB Video: Clear screen when LCDC is off
    GBA Cheats: Fix holding onto pointers that may get invalidated
    GBA Cheats: Fix key-activated CodeBreaker cheats
    GBA Cheats: Fix uninitialized memory getting freed when saving
    GBA Hardware: Improve Game Boy Player rumble behavior
    GBA Memory: Fix several unused I/O register read values
    GBA Savedata: Fix loading savestates with 512Mb Flash saves
    LR35902: Fix events running with the wrong cycle active
    Qt: Fix “close” button on Overrides view
    Qt: Fix saving overrides
    Qt: Fix directory set unloading when replacing the ROM
    Qt: Fix patch loading
    Qt: Fix crash when saving an override if a game isn’t loaded
    Qt: Fix showing default display driver as OpenGL (force 1.x)
    SDL: Attach rumble in SDL frontend
    Util: Fix PNG identification on files too small to be a PNG


    All: Only update version info if needed
    All: Split out install locations for Libretro and OpenEmu
    FFmpeg: Encoding cleanup
    GB: Reset active region when reloading ROM
    GB Memory: Initialize RAM pattern for GBC
    GB Video: Improved video timings
    Qt: Manage window sizes slightly better
    Qt: Remember scale option independent of core dimensions

    Quelle & Download: https://github.com/mgba-emu/mgba/releases/

  • Moin :)

    Nach der Installation solltest du in deiner Livearea einen Bubble für den Emulator haben, diesen einfach klicken.

    Jetzt brauchst du natürlich noch die roms deiner Spiele, die haben die Endung .gba und diese musst du dir im Internet besorgen.

    Die roms müssen nach ux0:data kopiert werden, zur bessern Übersicht solltest du dir dort einen Unterordner anlegen. Das machst du alles wieder per FTP/mit der VitaShell.

    Wenn du den Emu also gestartet hast gehst zu zu dem Rom deiner wahl und klickst es an, dann sollte das Game starten.

    Schau mal hier den Anfang von diesem Video an:

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  • Hat sich viel getan in den letzten Jahren! Der Emulator läuft wirklich gut.

    Die aktuelle Version 0.71 ist online

    Changelog und Download findet ihr unter dem Link:

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