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    Windows Explorer by @Lapy05575948
    Homebrew FPKG made in Unity for PS4 4.55 / 4.74 / 5.01 / 5.05 / 6.72 / 7.02 / 7.50 / 7.51 / 7.55 / 9.00
    It allows the basic operations of a file explorer (cut, copy, paste, rename and delete files and complete folders) with a simple interface, easy to use and with full administrator privileges (root).
    It allows to visualize images (png, jpg) and to read the content of flat texts (txt, ini, bat).
    It allows to play audio (wav, ogg) in the background, so we can reproduce them and continue using the other functions of the browser.

    @LightningMods_ for the unity plugins to gain root access.
    @DefaultDNB for beta testing.
    @RetroGamer_74 for his tutorial on how to compile

    Quelle PSXHAX:…layer-preview-video.6718/

    Download Version v1.34

    Hinweis zur korrekten Aktualisierung einer bereits installierten Version:

    Es muss nicht nur das Tool deinstalliert werden, sondern auch der durch dieses Tool angelegte Speicherstand unter "Einstellungen --> Verwaltung der von der Anwendung gespeicherten Daten --> Gespeicherte Daten im Systemspeicher --> PS4-Xplorer --> Löschen"

  • Update - V1.04 - Quelle Twitter:

    Release Notes:
    - show the file size
    - added France thank to @ImMrNiato and @JayJijel
    - added German thank to @toxxic_407
    - added the Ukrainian thank to @MintPyton
    - added the Italian thank to @TheheroGAC
    - fix some Japanese characters.


  • PS4-Xplorer BETA

    1.06 change log:

    - Add the file multi-selection option and select all (files only for now). Press R1 to mark files and start the multiselection. You can press R1 again to unmark the files.
    - L1 to cancel the multiselection. The multiselection will cancel if you abandon the actual folder too.
    - Press R1 over a file while you hold down R2 to Select All the files in the actual folder.
    - Ghosting files when cut like the real MS Windows Explorer.
    - Some bug fix.

  • PS4-Xplorer Beta v1.7



    1.07 Changelog:

    - New Instruction page design.
    - Added notification sound when cut/copy and paste finish.
    - Added error sound when some error happens.
    - New Folder option.
    - Slow down the speed a bit, and a little more in the opciones menu.
    - Super speed to move. Hold L2 pressed and move with DPad or Analog Stick.
    - Advances Options menu (Hold L2 pressed + triangle to show it) to Activate FTP (port 21) and Full R/W over system folders (danger, be careful !)
    - Some keyboard bugs fix (maybe there are still some more to fix).

  • PS4-Xplorer BETA v.1.09/08

    1.09 Changelog:
    - support to .json files as flat text.
    - added the Persian translation.
    - added the Russian translation.
    - added the Turkish translation.
    - added the Polish translation.
    - added the Swedish translation.
    - added the Catalan translation.
    - added the Danish translation.
    - added the Greek translation.
    - added the Indonesian translation.
    - fix some Chinese characters.

    1.08 Changelog:
    - Language selection screen (this will show only the first time you open the application). If you want to change the language later, go to [Settings]> [Application Saved Data Management] and delete the PS4-Xplorer saves.
    - When you move backward in the folders, the app remembers the folder where it comes from.
    - Finished the Advance Menu translations.
    - More bugs fixed.



  • Version 1.10 wurde veröffentlicht


    • supported lower firmwares besides 5.05 (4.55, 4.75, 5.01)
    • supported read info from .sfo and .pkg files supported .dds images
    • fixed some Polish phrases


  • Der Dateimanager Xplorer Beta wird immer besser & besser. :)

    Benutze ihn jetzt immer öfter zum kopieren usw. :P Klappt 1a. <3

    Hier noch ein kurzes Vorschau Video zum zukünftlichen PS4 Player Sneak Peek.

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    Through the activation of external content, you agree that personal data may be transferred to third party platforms. We have provided more information on this in our privacy policy.

  • Update auf Version 1.11


    • Changed the keyboard handmade by the native keyboard of PS4


  • PS4-Xplorer BETA v1.14

    1.14 Changelog:
    - Added the possibility of making a "_copy" of a file or folder (just copy and paste a file or folder in its own path). This only works with a single file or folder.
    - When copying or moving files, they will no longer be overwritten automatically, now a message box will appear to choose the correct option.
    - Now show the number of elements in each folder in the lower left corner.
    - Support to .cfg files as plain text.
    - New option in the Advanced Options menu to configure the "Home" path. After that, you can go back to it whenever you want by pressing R3.
    - Some visual flaws fixed.

    1.13 Changelog:
    - Experimenting with new ways to play videos.
    - Fixed an error when you cut a folder, advance, paste and then try to go back.

    1.12 Changelog:
    - Changed the Title ID.
    - Updated the PS4_Tools.dll for better and accurate info.
    - Added the Dutch translation.
    - Some bugs fixed.


  • PS4-Xplorer BETA v1.15

    1.15 Changelog:
    - Experimenting with a true progress bar. Only works when COPY a SINGLE file. (No in cut, folder or multiple files)

    Ein sehr nettes Update.
    Gleich mal getestet & die % Anzeige klappt 1a. :P

    Darauf habe ich gewartet endlich eine % Anzeige beim kopieren. Ohne % Anzeige vorallem wenn man eine grössere GB Datei kopiert hat, aber man nicht wusste wie lange es noch ca. dauert war echt schon ein bisschen altmodisch bzw. nervig. :D :D :D

    Jetzt noch mit verschieben, Ordner/Ordnern & mehreren Dateien eine % Anzeige dann ist es echt perfekt. ;)


  • hier wieder ein kleines Update auf 1.17
    Change log:
    - Improved accuracy by showing the size of the files (including 0 kb files).
    - Minor bugs fixed.

    Quelle Twitter:


  • Hier ein Thememaker für den PS4-Xplorer von lapy - @Lapy05575948
    Die Themes funktioniert dann bei Version V1.18 des Xplorer - der sollte bald veröffentlicht werden...

    Quelle Twitter:


  • Hier die neue Version V1.18

    - Themes möglich
    - L3 Shortcut zu FTP
    - ZIP , tar, rar Unterstützung

    Quelle Twitter:


    Hier Thememaker V 1.03

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