Vice3DS - Ein C64 Emulator für den 3DS

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    • Vice3DS - Ein C64 Emulator für den 3DS

      Vice3DS - Ein C64 Emulator für den 3DS

      Der Developer Badda71 hat den C64-Emulator Vice3DS veröffentlicht. Vice3DS läuft in vollem Umfang auf dem New Nintendo 3DS und mit Einschränkungen mittlerweile (ab Version 1.6) auch auf dem Old 3DS.
      Das Options-Menü ist sehr umfangreich. Die Knöpfe lassen sich frei belegen und die Touchscreen Buttons nach Belieben anordnen.

      Die Standard-Steuerung sieht so aus:
      • SELECT: VICE-Menü öffnen
      • START: Emulator beenden
      • Circle Pad und A: Joystick Port 1
      • Steuerkreuz und B: Joystick Port 2
      • C-Stick: Cursor-Buttons
      • ZR/ZL: Autofire für Port 1 bzw. Port 2

      • enhancement: Online-Updater
      • enhancement: Key mappings now support multiple target keys, key combos are obsolete & removed
      • enhancement: "Settings management" menu - added option to hide menu button on bottom screen
      • enhancements for building custom vice3ds games:
        • if file romfs:/prefix.txt exists, changes default directory on SD card to /3ds/vice3DS-C64/<contents of file>
        • added "ChgRootDirectory" resource to change root of file selection dialog
        • added "AutostartImage" resource to specify exact location of autostart image
        • at startup, all files in romfs:/autocopy will be copied to default dir without overwriting existing files
        • Custom help texts for keys (configurable in in menu "Help")
      • some other small enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes

      • Crash when switching to fullscreen mode two times
      • Crash when restoring default settings multiple times
      • sdl-vicerc on SD card does not override the default settings
      • enhancement: configurable key combos
      • optimization: smooth scrolling scroll bar in menu, file and imgfile dialog
      • optimization: speed reducion/speedup ranges in slider adjusted
      • optimzation: passing end/beginning in file/imgfile dialog wraps the cursor to beginning/end
      • bugfix: fixed crash when closing the 3ds lid, home button works now
      • multiple other small enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes
      v2 RC3
      • enhancement: vice3DS checks for autostart.*-files in romfs:/ and vice directory and autostarts at startup
      • enhancement: autofire can now be configured in the joystick keysets
      • enhancement: support of zip files for autostart
      • optimization: cancel-key moves one directory up in file dialog
      • lots of other bugfixes and small enhancements
      v2 RC2
      • enhancement: show hint about how to exit edit sbuttons mode
      • enhancement: "power off bottom screen" is now a toggle button
      • enhancement: file sorting now case insensitive
      • optimization: move statusbar menu entry back to original location (main menu)
      • multiple bugfixes in file selection dialog, screen update routine
      v2 RC1
      • enhancement: vice menu moved from top to bottom screen, emulation does not pause anymore while menu is open
      • enhancement: vice menu now useable with stylus
      • enhancement: customizeable C64 keyboard command shortcuts
      • optimization: changed button functions in menu: map hotkey with R-button, press L-button to use the emulation while menu is active
      • bugfix: removed monitor from cpujam messagebox
      • bugfix: sometimes d64 files were corrupted after autostart
      • enhancement: major performance increase by optimizing and merging top (SDL) and bottom (citro3D) screen update routines
      • enhancement: reSID sound engine support. Default engine is fastSID for O3DS, reSID for N3DS. reSID is more performance-hungry that fastSID, but sound is by far better. To change this setting, open VICE menu and go to "Machine settings" -> "Model settings" -> "SID settings" -> "SID model"
      • enhancement: new help screen to show all current button functions (in emu and in menu)
      • enhancement: soft button positions can now be changed by activating edit-mode (VICE menu: "Misc" -> "Edit bottom screen button positions") and dragging the soft buttons with the stylus. New positions are saved when saving settings
      • enhancement: applying default setting will not require restart anymore
      • enhancement: config files (vicerc, ROMs, icons etc.) are stored internally per default, files on SD card override internal files. Added menu entry in "Settings" menu to copy all internal config files to SD card.
      • optimization: remove SDL joystick - all 3ds buttons and pad directions are now "keys" for vice3DS. These keys can be mapped to C64-joysticks via definition of keysets.
      • optimization: define all default settings in code, no sdl-vicerc config file needed anymore
      • optimization: optimize compiler flags for speed
      • bugfix: eliminated sound distortions when using bottom screen (result of performance increase)
      • bugfix: some soft buttons wouldn't unstick, fixed bug in MaxScreen softbutton
      • multiple other small enhancements, optimizations and bug fixes
      • enhancement: added sampler device "3DS built in microphone audio input". Haven't you always wished to record 4bit samples with your 3DS that you can play on your C64 computer?
      • enhancement: added sampler settings menu & other devices for joyports
      • enhancement: add 'advance frame' menu entry to vice menu
      • enhancement: show mouse button mappings on touchpad
      • optimization: optimized keyboard handling (e.g. c-stick mapping & file dialogs)
      • optimization: remove RS232 stuff from vice menu (wasn't working anyway)
      • optimization: revamp build system, no more buildtools necessary
      • enhancement: speed up directory loading times in file selection dialogs
      • enhancement: enabled mouse support / bottom screen is now a touchpad when mouse is enabled, L- and ZL-buttons are mapped to left and right mouse button per default. Mouse sensitivity configurable. Test with Arkanoid :)
      • enhancement: added option to save key mappings and hotkeys in snapshots
      • enhancement: added hotkey management entries in menu "Misc" (list hotkeys, unmap hotkey). Haven't you wished to easily get rid of your hotkey mappings?
      • enhancement: cleaned up "Settings management" menu, hotkeys are now saved with other settings in file sdl-vicerc.
      • enhancement: create button mappings in "Misc" menu (key->key, key->joy, key->mousebutton), icons for mapped soft buttons are auto-generated. Now, B-button can be mapped to Joy-UP easily ...
      • enhancement: added menu entry/icon for no borders & fullscreen. No more magnifying glasses needed when playing.
      • enhancement: added video size menu (fullscreen with multiple stretch options, etc.)
      • enhancement: added video border mode menu
      • enhancement: new icon (yay!)
      • enhancement: status bar now on bottom of emulator screen (like standard SDL-Vice)
      • optimization: moved button to create hotkey mapping from ZL-button to L-button
      • lots of other small enhancements and bug fixes
      • enhancement: button to show/hide the keyboard, more soft buttons below keyboard
      • enhancement: pixel perfect screen representation (required change in libSDL, thanks to @VAGUE Rant)
      • enhancement: paint color keys on keyboard with palette colors
      • enhancement: added help menu
      • enhancement: remember current directory for file dialogs across restarts
      • enhancement: standard soft button icons are copied to SD-card at startup, they can now be modified/amended by the user
      • enhancement: added some more helper menu entries in menu "Misc"
      • enhancement: added some soft button icons
      • bugfix: no more freeze when exiting via home or power button
      • bugfix: roms added for all C64 machine types
      • bugfix: re-center display after machine type change
      • optimization: stripped some unnecessary code (vkbd, hvsc)
      • fix random lock-ups (was actually a bug in libSDL)
      • fix for "not possible to select external palette files"
      • other minor bugfixes and optimizations
      • Nice new banner / startup logo
      • fix for "crackling sound when using keyboard" (well - not completely fixed but at least majorly reduced)
      • fix for "not possible to change back to stock rom from another rom" (stock roms are selectable in the config directory)
      • fix for "menu entry 'Restore default settings' messes up screen"
      • added menu entry/icon 'Misc/Power off bottom screen backlight'
      • added two icons for sprite collision menu entries
      • added menu entry to restore all default settings (incl. hotkeys etc)
      • quicksave/-load now always saves to/loads from /3ds/vice3ds
      • added "RUN" to LOAD"*",8,1 menu entry
      • Added F2/F4/F6/F8 keys to keyboard for easy access
      • Added pause icon / ability to pause via soft button
      • Customizeable soft buttons on bottom screen
      • Changed standard assignment of autofire buttons: Joy1=R, Joy2=ZR
      • True drive emulation now turned off by default
      • Emu-speed adjustable with 3d slider (0=100%, max=Warp)
      • Added menu 'Misc' with some helpers: RUN/STOP + RESTORE; LOAD"*",8,1
      • Bugfix for loading external ROMs and other sysfiles

      • clearer keyboard
      • bugfix for "Vice menu sometimes does not update screen when navigating"
      • bugfix for autofire
      • Autofire support (configurable in VICE menu under "Machine settings" -> "Joystick settings")
      • New keyboard layout
      • Bugfixes
      If you're updating from a previous version, make sure to delete /3ds/vice3ds/config/sdl_sym.vkm before starting the emulator. Otherwise new key mappings will not be updated and the new keyboard will not work correctly.


      • Bugfixes
      • CIA/3DS build

      • Larger keyboard / keys
      • Configuration files in romfs - will be copied to SD card if not existing there.
      • Key names showing correctly now in vice menu
      • vice3DS now exits gracefully when pressing the menu button
      • Show drive status in notification LED (settings in "Drive" menu)
      • v0.3 was accidentally a debug build, so v0.4 is faster

      • OSK works now in vice menu when inputting file names
      • new, flashy background and keyboard images compiled in binary
      • removed some menu entries that will break things on 3ds
      • C-stick/ZL/ZR working, C-Stick mapped to cursor keys
      • status bar (can be activated in menu "Settings management")
      • when switching machines, bottomscreen is no more blanked

      • On screen keyboard on bottom screen
      v0.1 Initial Release

    • Das Ding ist vielversprechend und m.E. besser als Breadbox (was ja nicht mehr weiterentwickelt wird) Ich habe schon lange auf einen C64 Emulator für den 3DS gewartet. Bislang basierten diese immer nur auf Frodo....von dem ich persönlich nicht viel halte. Mit der Portierung von Vice, geht ein Traum in Erfüllung. Es ist damit zu rechnen, dass noch einiges an Verbesserungen kommen wird.
      Die Titel, die ich bislang testen konnte, liefen jedenfalls hervorragend. Unter Frodo war das Starten einiger dieser Titel gar nicht erst möglich gewesen!

      Was ich derzeit noch als störend empfinde, ist die Reaktion der Steuerung im Optionsmenü. - Das Menü aktualisiert den Bildschirm beim Navigieren oftmals nicht.

    • Update auf Version 1.0.1!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Update auf Version 1.1

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

      Die Probleme mit dem Aktualisieren des Optionsmenüs wurden bereits in Version 1.0.1 behoben. In der aktuellen Version wurden u.a. das erste mal Schnellwahl-Buttons auf dem Touch-Screen zum Einsatz gebracht. Die Bedingung des Emulators wird immer besser!

    • Update auf Version 1.2!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Leider nicht......darauf warte ich auch schon sehnsüchtig! Aber eine Umsetzung für die Switch wird sicherlich nicht so komfortabel zu lösen sein, da der 3DS ideal für die Emulation des C64 ist, wegen der Nutzung des Keyboards auf dem unteren Bildschirm.

    • Badda hat Version 1.2 aus Gründen von gemeldeter Bugs, die zu einem Absturz, bzw. Freezes unter dieser Version führten, wieder zurückgenommen. Er bittet darum, vorerst wieder auf Version 1.1 zu wechseln, bis die Ursache dafür gefunden, und beseitigt wurde. Er hat Version 1.2 daher auch aus seinem Github genommen.

    • Bugfix Update 1.2.1 ist erschienen!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Update auf Version 1.3!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • Update auf Version 1.4!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Update auf Version 1.5!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • Update auf Version 1.6!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • Update auf Version 2 RC1, bzw. 2 RC2!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • Nach meinem Dafürhalten ist dieser C64 Emulator der Beste, der jemals für eine Handheld Konsole umgesetzt wurde. Hätte ich nicht bereits schon einen 3DS/N3DS, wäre dieser Emulator für mich ein ausschlaggebender Kaufgrund für diese Konsole! :thumbsup:

    • Update auf Version 2 RC3!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • Update auf Version 2.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel