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    • Hello!

      Yes, FMCB and from Ulaunchelf (4.43a) I have tried:
      "esr beta r9b dvd direct"
      "esr beta r9b dvd direct off"
      "esr beta r9b mcard"
      "esr gui"

      All with the same result, frozen on pink screen

      I have converted the disc from CD to DVD

      1.- Extract the ISO files with Ultraiso
      2.- Patch files with "DVDScan 3.7" (selecting DVD)
      3.- Create a Dummy file (1.4 gb)
      4.- Create the iso image with ImgBurn (iso09660 udf 1.02)
      5.- Patch the iso with "ESRDisc Patcher 0.2"

      6.- Burn the iso with ImgBurn at 4x (Verbatim dvd-r)


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    • I'm sorry but I can' help you more than that.

      A little google search couldn't help me find the ESR debug colour description, but I'm pretty sure that in the old PS2 days I've read somewhere what which colour means.

      The ESR and OPL debug colour descriptions aren't the same (cause I really quick found the OPL debug colour descriptions).
    • When ESR is stuck at a pink screen, that means that it can either not read the disc, or that it can't find the +NSR-Sector or that the filesystem is false/borked...

      These Update-discs should run without anything AFAIR (which is why there are OFFICIAL downloads available in the first place!)!
      1. If it doesn't simply read the burned disc (which AFAIR it should), your PSXs CD-Laser might have a fault! The PSX has 4 Diodes instead of just 2.
      2. Try to convert it to a normal DVD (NOT ESR-Patched).
      3. If that and a Lens-Cleaning doesn't work you can try it with ESR, but I suggest to let IMGBurn automatically convert it to Mode 1 Level 1...
      4. Use 8x max. for CDs and "AWS" speed for DVDs... Make sure you have turned "Laser Power Calibration" or "OPC" on!
    • AGAIN...
      That it reads PS1/PS2-Discs DOESN'T MEAN JACKSHIT!
      It has 4 diodes instead of only 2!
    • I am relaxed... You are misinterpreting letters on a screen!