[BETA release] PS3 Ultimate Toolbox 1.01

  • DeViL303 hat auf psx-place.com die Version 1.02 seiner Ultimate Toolbox für Playstation 3 Konsolen released.


    Diese Toolbox hat so viele Funktionen, das kann man kaum beschreiben, sie kann "einfach alles" wie die Beschreibung schon sagt :D

    Das Teil ist für CFW User und sollte auf allen aktuellen CFW Konsolen laufen, bitte beachtet das es eine Beta Version ist und somit Fehler vorhanden sein können.

    Schaut euch am besten das Video an:

    Download Version 1.02+Hotfix: https://mega.nz/file/yBwERRpa#Ir1V_okEkEeHXS8zbbVWAJjPW4K3LUrwB5p3qaQSTqE

    Source: https://www.psx-place.com/thre…box-v1-01-cfw-only.32466/

  • oh oh ....

    viel zu viele Möglichkeiten daraus ein Buchregalständer zu machen.


  • Ultimate Toolbox v1.02 Changelog:

    • Toolbox is now modular with a 30MB BASE version being the standard download.
    • On the BASE version, Optional extras like Coldboot Logos, Coldboot sounds, Fonts, themes, PS2 emulators , wallpapers and visualizations are now all available for download from inside their respective menus, or from within the new Module Manager in Toolbox Setup.
    • Users can install the FULL version if they want all modules available after install without any extra downloads required.
    • The BASE version can be upgraded to be exactly the same as the FULL version by downloading all modules.
    • The FULL version can be downgraded to be exactly the same as the BASE version by removing all modules.
    • Added options to toggle xmb_plugin for showing IP info on the XMB.
    • New screensaver options with ability to download OR stream 10 screensaver videos with or without audio
    • Small change to File Explorer so it shows dev_hdd0 and dev_hdd1 as separate entries.
    • Power options toggler now has "reboot options" as requested by @aldostools
    • Added force canyon presets menu with 60 options
    • Added force wave presets menu with 33 options
    • Added PS2 Netemu toggler with 8 options. (Thanks to @kozarovv for those files)
    • Added XMB icons style toggler with 12 options (icons.qrc)
    • Now over 100 fonts available in font installer, 80 new ones added since v1.01
    • Now over 380 coldboot logos available in the logo installer, 350 new ones added since v1.01 (thanks to @LuanTeles for those files)
    • Now over 80 Gaia visualizations available, 50 new ones added since v1.01
    • Added Impose mod (DECR 0.90 ps3 image) toggler
    • All icons optimized. All the visualization mods now using jpg icons @ 240x240. There was some 486x405 pngs left in here taken from ps3EXTRA ISOs. Shaved a few MB off.
    • All mods names standardized to make things more consistent, Now named 1.*** to xx.*** with matching icons named 1.jpg to xx.jpg (lines/earth/canyon/icons/fonts/ac3s)
    • Bugs from 1.01 fixed , missing amiga boot sound icon, ofw coldboot swapped with rebug.
    • Added an Dedicated Uninstall option to Toolbox Setup that removes Ultimate Toolbox.
    • From now on, You can use the update feature to reinstall the Toolbox if required, the update item will always be linked to the Latest BASE pkg.
    • Experimental new feature for devs that allows them to swap between debug and standard Cobra payload, the user must provide the payloads on flash. This feature is not for noobs and is experimental. Use at your own risk!




  • Danke mbs18 für den Hinweis :)

    Es gab noch einen Hotfix zum 1.02er Update:


    This is not a real update, but just a small hotfix to v1.02, I have not changed the version number as these were very minor changes. Same links still work from POST #75 but I have added them again here at the bottom too.

    • Typo "delete resouces" instead of "delete resources" on the remove addon module options
    • Typo "filee" instead of "file" on the Install coldboot logo from USB option
    • Uninstall extended download plugin option was not working due to a typo in the copy command: "orignal" instead of "original"
    • Screensaver download and stream for Flying Light (Silent) was broken due to "www" instead of "dl" in the URL
    • Removed the impose plugin mod due to freezes, I might add it back some time.
    • Added minimum version checker to Backup Utility > Dump Tools

    Thanks to @Wr0zen and @aldostools for testing it and bringing these issues to my attention!

    Download Base: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j1xu76cex12fyi5/Ultimate_Toolbox_v1.02_BASE.pkg?dl=1

    Download Full: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qncad6f38ip8tw8/Ultimate_Toolbox_v1.02_FULL.pkg?dl=1

    Mirror zu Full-Version 1.02 mit Hotfix im ersten Beitrag eingefügt.

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