NX-Activity-Log - Statistiken zu deinen Spielen

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    • NX-Activity-Log - Statistiken zu deinen Spielen


      Dies wurde von tallbl0nde entwickelt & veröffentlicht. Achtung! Dieses Tool muss im High Memory Modus (NSP-Injektion) ausgeführt werden und läuft aktuell nicht über das HB-Menü im Applet Modus!
      Quelle: github.com/tallbl0nde/NX-Activity-Log

      • Spielinfos für Benutzer anzeigen
        • Spielzeiten erstmalig/zuletzt
        • Gesamt Spielzeit (in Minuten)
        • Anzahl Spielstarts
      • Verschiedene Sortiermöglichkeiten
        • Alphabetisch
        • Spielzeit
        • Zuletzt gespielt
        • Home Menü
        • Zuerst gespielt
        • Spielstarts


      • Graph bars no longer go off screen if playtime is larger than anticipated
        • These bars are indicated with a plus after the value label (if you have them enabled)
        • This is aimed at you time travellers out there ;)
      • Ability to choose 12/24 hour time formatting
      • Added option to choose screen to show on launch
      • Added option to select view type on launch
      • Further improvements to the play time algorithm (thanks @Heartbeat-Heartbreak for testing!)
        • If this has messed up your play time (it shouldn't though) please see how to report it in the readme

      • Graphs have been added to the Recent Activity and Details screens
        • The value labels can be turned off in settings
      • A date selector panel has been added so spamming L/R to change date is no longer needed
      • 'Replace User Page' will no longer install the forwarder if the .nro is in the incorrect location
        • The expected location of the .nro is now /switch/NX-Activity-Log/NX-Activity-Log.nro
        • This should prevent any related crashes
      • Ability to view 'Play Sessions'
        • These are a period of time from when a game was launched to when it was quit (by actually closing not just minimising)
        • The individual events used to calculate all activity can be viewed by selecting a session
      • The user can be changed without having to exit the app
      • The algorithm for counting play time has been slightly improved
      • Removed restriction on available date range
        • This allows for viewing of data in the future/before the Switch was released (due to incorrect time)
      • Behind the scenes:
        • Almost all of the codebase has been rewritten
        • The UI has been moved to my own UI library Aether
          • This has fixed a few UI bugs and should make UI-related changes faster
      • A number of bugs fixed, including:
        • A crash after 20 successive launches due to not closing a service
        • A crash due to an incorrect config.ini
        • Random black screen freeze requiring a hard reset
        • Unable to replace user page on SX OS
      Tip: Hold ZL/ZR when scrolling through a long list to scroll faster!

      • Ability to view recent play activity
        • View by day, month or year
        • This should be fairly accurate, see the readme for more info!
      • Re-added applet mode support
        • Added my own user select to avoid issues with the player select applet
      • Ability to override User Page
        • A toggle is available within settings
        • Only works on Atmosphere 0.10.0+, ReiNX and SXOS
      • Changed method of finding played games
        • Even more games should appear now!
        • Games that haven't been played are now ignored
      • Enhancements to the user's experience:
        • Hold ZL/ZR when scrolling through a list to scroll faster
        • Added a "panel" for selecting from a list of options
          • It's now easier to choose how to sort, etc.
        • Most settings apply instantly
      • Updated to libnx 3.0.0
      • A stunning new UI! It follows the appearance and usage of the Switch's UI for familiarity
        • Everything is completely accessible via either touch or a controller
      • NX Activity Log can no longer be used in "Applet Mode".
        • I plan to support applet mode again in the future though!
      • The activity of deleted games can be hidden by toggling an option in settings
      • Entries for unplayed games can also be hidden
      • Deleted games are now shown!
      • Average play time per launch is now shown
      • Formatting has been improved
        • Everything should now be more readable :)
      • Never played games are no longer first when sorting by "First Played"
      v0.1.0 First Release
      • View play data per user
        • First/last played timestamp
        • Total playtime (in minutes!)
        • Number of launches
      • Various sorting options
        • Alphabetically
        • Playtime
        • Recently Played
        • Home Menu
        • First Played
        • Launches
      • And that's about it! (for now, at least :P)

      Download: github.com/tallbl0nde/NX-Activity-Log/releases
    • Update auf Version 0.2.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel! :)

    • Update auf Version 1.0.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel!

    • cloud-strife wrote:

      Wie geil sich das Tool verändert hat. :)
      Ich werde später noch den Screen im Titel aktualisieren

    • Kein Wunder wenn man durch Tests ständig alles neu einrichten muss :D (vor allem durch die Tests mit dem emuMMC/emuNand)

    • Nein, ich bin kein Programmierer :) Das müsste der Dev dann schon machen, oder jemand, der davon etwas versteht. :)

    • Das Gui sieht echt schick aus.
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      Online Cheater gehören Gebannt!

      Ich hab eine Lese/Rechtschreibschwäche! und kann nur Minimal English. :( Kein Support per PN
    • Update auf Version 1.1.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel :)

    • Update auf Version 1.2.0!

      Changelog siehe Titel

    • New

      Update auf Version 1.2.1!

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