[Release] sys-con - Auf der Switch DualShock 3, Xbox 360 und Xbox One Controller verwenden

  • Quote from Baamalex

    Funzt auch ohne Dock hab ich gelesen. Auf jeden Fall ein geiles Modul. Werd ich mal testen.

    Wie soll das gehen? Dachte, das die Bluetooth Funktion noch nicht funktioniert und einen a-USB Anschluß hat die switch nur an der dock.

  • Nein. Kein spezieller Adapter. OTG tut es auch.

  • Es gab wieder ein Update :)

    Version 0.4.0

    • The sysmodule now detects generic XInput devices. I can't promise every single XInput device will work, I can only hope your controller manufacturer follows the XInput protocol to the dot.
    • Xbox 360 Wireless Receiver is partially supported! When I say partially, it means that the LED is still blinking and the app doesn't seem to detect controllers disconnect. However, it has full button support and allows to connect up to 4 controllers at once. The config for it is the same as the Xbox 360 Wired.
  • Hotfix-Update auf Version 0.4.1!

    • Stopped LED blinking on Xbox 360 Wireless controllers (now shows up as top left)
    • Added an option to swap d-pad and left stick inputs in the config. simply set swap_dpad_and_lstick from false to true in your desired controller config file.
  • Update auf Version 0.4.2!


    • Fixed some Xbox One controllers being recognized, but not receiving any input. Let me know if this release breaks your controller.
    • Fixed original Xbox controllers not having correct input mapping
  • Update auf Version 0.5.0


    • Added support for Dualshock 4.
      NOTE: Due to firmware limitations, only one generation of Dualshock 4 can be recognized at a time. If you have a Dualshock 4 model "CUH-ZCT2E", you need to go to sdmc:/config/sys-con/config_global.ini and change the value of use_dualshock_2nd_generation to true.
    • Bonus feature: You can now customize controller colors! Head over to sdmc:/config/sys-con/ and modify the color values for each type of controller. Most controllers already have customized colors in place.

    After this release, there may not be any updates for a while. I've hit a brick wall with Xbox One Wireless Adapter, and firmware limitations don't allow me to support other HID devices. Perhaps the release of Atmosphere 0.10.0 will bring new opportunities, but for now I'll be exploring other controller features.

  • Update auf Version 0.5.1


    • Fixed multiple controllers being disconnected when disconnecting any controller
    • Fixed the sysmodule crashing during sleep mode or eventually stopping recognizing controllers
    • Fixed Dualshock 3 getting chaotic inputs when Dualshock 4 is connected
    • Added an option to change the LED color of Dualshock 4 in config_dualshock4.ini: color_led. Optionally, if you want to turn LED off, set the color values to 0, 0, 0.


  • Funzt auch ohne Dock. Brauchst dann aber einen Adapter.

  • Update auf Version 0.5.2!

    Nothing much has changed, just updating this for the new Atmosphere 0.10 release.
    There is a known issue on all versions of sys-con regarding Xbox One controllers. if you update your Xbox One controller to the latest firmware, it stops working properly. Since you can't downgrade the firmware, I suggest you don't update your Xbox One controllers until a fix has been found.


    • Extract the zip file and copy the contents onto your SD card.
    • If you're not using Atmosphere, rename the atmosphere/ folder with the desired CFW name.
    • Reboot your Nintendo Switch.
    • If you're not using Atmosphere 0.10 for whatever reason, you have to rename the contents folder in the zip file back to titles folder.


  • Update auf Version 0.5.3!


    • Fixed the maximum and minimum stick values generated by sys-con.

      • This caused games like Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Resident Evil 4 to crash when that stick value has been reached.
    • When using the mode that swaps left stick with d-pad, the stick values generated by d-pad are now clamped to a circle radius.
    • If you have the latest version of Kosmos Toolbox, you can now manually enable/disable sys-con right from the toolbox menu without having to reboot your console. Hurray.

    sorry for the lack of updates


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