Angepinnt Emulatoren Collection für die Switch (RetroArch u.a.)

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    • uae4all2 mod wurde vor 3 Stunden auf Version 1.7.4 aktualisiert!

      • Allow remapping of ZR/ZL on Switch
      • Map ZR/ZL to "slow-down mouse" on Switch if custom controls are off
      • Add option to misc menu to choose either A or B as OK button on Switch
      • Add sharp-bilinear-simple scaling routine, and make it the new default
      • Add point filtering scaling routine
    • uae4all2 mod wurde auf Version 1.7.5 aktualisiert.


      • fixed crash when booting a floppy with floppy speed >1x
      • fixed inconsistencies in menu navigation
      • enabled long filename display in file browser (hold Triangle or X to show it)
      • fixed an issue where HD Dir could not be selected unless Boot HD was set to OFF
      • removed legacy code and data files that were not needed


      mame-nx wurde auf Version 2.2 aktualisiert.

      • Removed SDL2
      • VIDEO_DIRECT_RGB fixed (fixes many games)
      • Fixes For The Power Instinct Games (arcadez)
      • Update Namco System 1 video to MAME 0.72.1b (arcadez)
      • Sega 16 fixes (arcadez)

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