Checkpoint - Ein Savegame-Manager für die Switch

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    • Checkpoint - Ein Savegame-Manager für die Switch

      Checkpoint - Ein Savegame-Manager für Nintendo Switch

      Noch immer ist es offiziell nicht möglich, dass man seine Speicherdaten der Nintendo Switch in der Cloud oder lokal abspeichern kann.
      Auch wenn Nintendo endlich diese lang geforderte Funktion für die "meisten Spiele" erst ab September unterstützen möchte,
      scheint ironischerweise ein Backup jedoch mithilfe eines Homebrews relativ einfach möglich zu sein.

      Er hört auf den Namen Checkpoint und stellt die Weiterentwicklung des entsprechenden Programms für den 3DS dar.
      Bernardo Giordano verbirgt sich hinter dem Savegame-Manager.
      Er zeigt sich für den Port “Checkpoint” verantwortlich, mit dem man seine Daten der Nintendo Switch endlich sichern kann.
      Der Haken daran ist, dass eure Konsole dazu Homebrew-fähig sein muss.

      Checkpoint wird über das Homebrew Menu ausgeführt.

      Weitere Informationen, Nutzungshinweise und Credits finden Ihr in der Readme
      Zum Download-Link geht es hier:


      • Added compatibility for Atmosphere 0.10.0+. This changes the cheats path from /atmosphere/titles to /atmosphere/contents, so that means this version won't be able to put cheats in place for older Atmosphere versions.
      • Fixed: the Aborted by user issue occurring when trying to perform a backup in Applet mode.
        • This means that if you're running Checkpoint in Applet mode, you won't be prompted to decide a name for your backup and the default name will be used instead.
        • This also solves incompatibilities for CFWs that don't properly support title takeover.
      • Fixed: the Account Selection applet won't cause Checkpoint to hang anymore if using Applet mode, if you're running Atmosphere 0.10.0+.
      • Fixed: built in FTP server is now able to open the Checkpoint folder, finally letting this feature to be useful for easy and fast save retrieval.
      • Fixed: removed red watermark if Checkpoint was launched in applet mode.
        • Pro Tip: you shouldn't launch Checkpoint or homebrew in general in applet mode anyways. Please don't.
      • Fixed: latest cheats submissions are built in this release through Sharkive.
        • If you have cheat codes that are not already available in this release, please submit them to Sharkive's databases here.
      • Fixed: unused folders in the SD card are not created anymore.
      • Fixed: build compiled with support for system version 9.0.0. Please update to Checkpoint 3.7.2+ in order to be able to run this software on system versions 9.0.0 or superior.
      • Fixed: graphics fixes and routine dependancies updates.
      • Added: Checkpoint can now run again under applet mode, but:
        • it will be very annoying.
        • functionalities may not work properly and memory corruption may happen. Occasionally, the application could hang when trying to access one of the system applets. Watch this video for an example.
        • Please do not run Checkpoint in applet mode.
      • Fixed: changed port of built in FTP server to 50000.

      • Added: Sharkive feature for the Switch as well. A brand new Cheat menu has been implemented inside Checkpoint to be able to manage cheats for Atmosphere.
        • The entire cheat database is offline and bundled inside of Checkpoint.
        • You're able to select and enable just the cheats you really want to have. This is an alternative approach to cheat toggles.
        • Cheat updates will happen when:
          • Checkpoint updates.
          • You build Checkpoint from source.
          • You build the cheat database and place it into the sd card in the expected location, so that it'll be loaded instead of the bundled one.
      • Added: Online configurations. You can now configure Checkpoint from your internet browser. Checkpoint will behave as an HTTP server while running.
        • Connect to SWITCH_IP_ADDRESS:8000 from any device connected to the same network as your Switch to be able to access configurations.
      • Added: FTP server. You probably want to be able to get your saves out of the switch once they have been backed up. While I come up with handier solutions, enjoy this non blocking FTP server. You can access connecting to SWITCH_IP_ADDRESS:5000 with empty username and password.
      • Added: redesigned UI. Enjoy it while it's fresh.
      • Added: system keyboard support. The custom keyboard originally setup has been removed from Checkpoint to fully take advantage of the system keyboard applet.
      • Added: switch pages with L/R.
      • Added: logging. Logs will be written to /switch/Checkpoint/checkpoint.log.
      • Fixed: favorite sorting now works properly again.
      • Fixed: cut down size of the executable. It now stores an entire cheat database inside and still manages to be ~1MB lighter than the previous stable release.
      • Fixed: Checkpoint doesn't run anymore if nx-hbmenu is launched over a system applet (like Album).
      • Refactoring, refactoring, refactoring...
      • Added: a bridge functionality between Checkpoint for Switch and PKSM (for 3DS, v6.0.0 and above) has been implemented.
        • It allows to send (and then receive back) a save file over the network, to allow manipulations without having to browse your save backups manually on your PC.
        • It also needs to be manually enabled by editing your configuration file. Once it's enabled, you can access the bridge by pressing L+R on a valid game.
        • This feature currently works only with LGPE.
      • Fixed: buttons are now responsive as before while navigating the UI.
      • Fixed: titles with black background are now displayed properly.
      • Fixed: checkmark color doesn't confuse with title icons anymore.
      • Fixed: text doesn't bleed textboxes like before anymore.

      • Added support for Hardware Acceleration. Checkpoint now relies on the GPU to render graphics and text, removing load from the CPU.
        • The interface now relies on SDL2 to render images and text.
        • Text rendering is optimized by using a customized version of SDL_FontCache which caches glyphs in memory rather than creating textures every frame. This also allows to use the system font already available in the console.
        • Checkpoint caches from PlSharedFontType_Standard and PlSharedFontType_NintendoExt fonts, so both regular characters and symbols are now supported to be rendered on screen.
      • Added option to set a title as Favorite. You can now edit your configuration file to set a title id to be a favorite title, so this will always appear at the top of the title list.
      • Fixed crashes caused by too many file descriptors opened.
      • Key behaviour changed. ( thanks @IBNobody )
        • You can now select rows in the backup list, creating backups and restoring a backup just with the button A.
        • Pressing Y will select the current title but deactivate/reset the backup list. It will also enable the backup touch button only. Creating a backup will then disable the backup touch button. This makes it more clear to the user what buttons / UI elements are relevant to multi-backup.
      • Fixed occasional crashes while changing account.
      • Checkpoint now uses latest libnx 1.5.0, which supports timezone and fixes wrong default backup names if your console never connected to internet.
      • Checkpoint is now compiled using C++17.

      • Fix compatibility with certain games and CFWs. Now Checkpoint is fully compatible with custom firmwares using fs_mitm, layeredfs and other modules massively relying on file operations.
        • Confirmed working on both hekate, Atmosphere and ReiNX using said modules.
        • Other CFWs may be compatible as well, even if not directly tested.
        • The issue was caused by a poorly optimized function to recursively delete folders, which has been now replaced by the one available on JKSV, too.
      • Fixed configuration override after updating Checkpoint version.
      • Avoid using a separate thread to populate titles.
      • Default selected button for the homebrew keyboard is now OK (thanks @fennectech).

      • Fixed corrupted save backup folders if your Account name contains non-ascii characters.
      • You can now properly cancel a backup if you press B from the keyboard screen.
      • Fixed parallel building.
      • Code cleanup and multiple minor fixes.

      • Fixed corrupted save backup folders if your Account name contains non-ascii characters.
      • You can now properly cancel a backup if you press B from the keyboard screen.
      • Fixed parallel building.
      • Code cleanup and multiple minor fixes.
      • Fixed: The homebrew keyboard has been enhanced.
      • Added: new wonderful icon by rakujira!

      • General Checkpoint improvements to enhance the user's experience.
      • The whole UI has been completely redesigned. This affects many things in the user experience.
        • Titles are now displayed by icons. You can display up to 20 titles at the same time. If you have more , you'll find them in the next pages.
        • Saves for the users are now listed separately and sorted for user.
        • You can change the selected title or the current user by using the dedicated buttons or using the touchscreen.
        • Detailed informations are now displayed on screen.
        • Space has been really optimized to be fully occupied with useful informations.
        • Selector animations. You all love them right?
      • Memory leaks related to the title icons have been fixed. Also, icons are now stored more efficiently to take less space and reduce the initial loading time.
      Even though the User Interface will be this one pretty much forever, the code underneath will be redesigned as well. It's been refactored too much times and it's too messy for my taste. It'll be rewritten to be cleaner soon™.

      Anwendungsbeispiel zur Spielstand-Sicherung von @kempa :
      1. Checkpoint starten
      2. gedrückt halten, so werden alle Spielstände von eurem aktuell ausgewählten Profil ausgewählt.
      3. Nun nur noch drücken und schon werden alle Saves auf SD gesichert.
      4. Wichtig! Nutzt ihr mehrere Profile, so müsst ihr zwischen denen noch wechseln mit oder dann Schritt 2-3 erneut durchführen
      Für den Restore einer bereits angelegten Sicherung muss ein Spielstand des betreffenden Spiels erstellt werden (falls noch keiner vorliegen sollte), damit der Restore des gesicherten Spielstandes auch durchgeführt werden kann.
      Ryū Hayabusa
    • :) Backup funktioniert damit soweit einwandfrei!
    • So, soeben in 5min Mariokart fertig gemacht auf meiner neuen upgedateten 502 Switch :D

      Also das Tool funktioniert super! Von Switch mit FW 300 mein Save auf die neue Switch 502 kopiert! Alles da... ;) :thumbup:

      EV. in dem ersten Beitrag anpassen: Das Tool funktioniert jetzt von FW 1.00 bis 5.02
    • Checkpoint 3.1.0 Finale Version für die Switch
      Das Update funktioniert nun auf allen Firmware, wobei das HBMenu über die fw 3.0.0 nur mit einer Modifikation von hekate funktioniert. Checkpoint lässt sich jetzt auch gedockt verwenden.

      Display Spoiler

      * Initial release. Compatibility goes from > 1.0.0 to <= 5.0.2.
      * * Newer firmwares may or not may be compatible with this.
      * * If you have problems, please submit an issue on this repository.
      * Checkpoint can now be used in both docked and handheld mode. You can now control buttons previously accessible through touchscreen with Joycons.
      * Added fast scrolling to navigate through the UI and the keyboard more quickly.
      * Even more improvements to overall Checkpoint stability and other minor adjustments have been made to enhance the user experience.

      Edit: Danke an @storm21 für den Hinweis :thumbup:
      Ryū Hayabusa

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    • BiBo1994 wrote:

      Das Update funktioniert nun auf allen Firmware, wobei das HBMenu über die fw 3.0.0 nur mit einer Modifikation von hekate funktioniert. Checkpoint lässt sich jetzt auch gedockt verwenden.
      Oder mit dem hier…ause-mit-Rasberry-hosten/

      ;) Für FW 3.00 sonst keine!

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    • Ich habe auch geschrieben ÜBER 3.0.0.
      Das mit deiner Methode funktioniert auch nur auf der Firmware 3.0.0, der Einstiegspunkt über WebKit ist um den HBL zu installieren. Wer auf einer niedrigeren oder höheren Firmware ist, bleibt nur der Weg den HBL zu installieren über die halbfertige Modifikation von hekate.
      Ryū Hayabusa

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    • Ok verstehe, dann würde ich aber schreiben "höher als FW 3.00" Dein Satz oben ist ein wenig verwirrend, dachte du meinst damit nur FW 3.00... ;)

      Hab meinen mal so angepasst...
    • Seit gestern ist auch die 3.2.0 von Checkpoint draußen.
      Mit ein paar Fixes und Optimierungen.


      Weiteres hier - Changelog 3.2.0
      Display Spoiler

      • Added: touch-less backup and restore by using L and R.
      • Fixed: occasional crashes on various firmware versions are now fixed.
      • Fixed: now the user interface uses the Shared Font: this means you're now allowed to see the correct name for games with non-ascii characters in their name.
      • Fixed: now you can backup a save using the default backup name (datetime + username) if you have accented characters in your username.
      • Fixed: control speed is now slower.
      • Refactoring and tons of small fixes to enhance the user experience.