Kernel Exploit Release für FW 5.05 (angekündigt)

    • [FW 5.05]

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    • 'unexpected database error'

      Na da können doch nun alle beruhigt sein, dass noch etwas im Mai kommt (für den Endbenutzer)!

      ...und 5.05-KExploit ist nun stabil? Scheint so... (nach den letzten Posts)
    • Dann will ich hier mal das Statement seines Abschieds von Hydrogen posten, was ja @BoomMaster schon in der Shoutbox angesprochen hat.
      Echt krass, welcher Druck hier von der Community und von den Jungs selbst aufgebaut wird....

      Ich hoffe der Eine oder Andere (ich meine hier niemanden Konkreten) schämt sich Angesichts dieser "Stellungnahme" für seine "Posting voller Ungeduld" ....
      oder unbedachten "Twitter Meldungen"...


      Display Spoiler

      Hello World,

      Most of you guys think, he left. He'll be back "lol". I'm done for good.
      If you don't believe me, I'm retiring from Admin position on
      NextgGenUpdate and guesting my entire account.
      My Twitter has officially closed, and if the day it does return, my
      username will no longer be the same and my account will be private away
      Sorry Octo, that means you too. I tried making your site work, but you know things come down for reasons.
      My emails have been closed and will be making private ones for
      university next year. Basically, this Alias won't be active anymore.

      I will be posting the truth here, and nothing but the truth.

      Why, do you ask?

      It's not just about the community. I've done mistakes in my life, but
      these are way worse. I'm sorry to everyone who I served for the past two
      years trying to make a good deed.
      I apologize to the entire Open Orbis Development Team for any mistakes
      I've also done to them as well. I hope you guys understand.
      Outsider, Travis, I'm sorry... No words for this one... I hope your dad gets better soon. Love you Outie.
      PS4 has been a bumpy ride and an exciting one. I hope you guys get what you deserve from Specter. Thank him...
      Wololo is the only official news source you should seek to, nothing else. The real developers are posted on


      Since 2015 of August, I have served you alongside with the best team
      back then: Kam, Vince, Tustin, Laim, Specter, Kryptus, Gryphus and the
      others that retired in my main time.
      Thank you for the past years of my life that made me realize my career
      after high school, and I wouldn't have done it without you guys. I owe
      you one.
      The site is slowly dying, and the site had made great memories,
      especially our 10th year anniversary this month. I wish I was there in
      the beginning. I'm sorry for leaving.
      The only real choice you guys have is the PS4... I hope it does come
      that way soon preferably by Specter. Keep being optimistic, I'm sure you
      guys can pull it off.
      Travis, I owe you one big time, but I hope you enjoyed my time serving
      your site. Without NGU, there wouldn't be an Alias to live by. Thank
      Orange is the new red. It's my time to pack up and move on with life.
      University is in front of me in a few months, and It's time to grow up.


      I joined Twitter in 2016 and didn't think I'd ever get an audience. I
      joined the PS4 Scene in 2015 by copy and pasting articles from Wololo to
      share them on NGU.
      I joined the PS3 Modding Scene in 2014 which gave me hope for the PS4.
      Wololo always had a nice structured setup on their articles, he's
      amazing. I was always a news reporter.
      I started getting feedback on NGU to start writing my own articles and
      ended up noticing Twitter is where the information will be stored at.
      That's where it all began for me.
      Skipping to this day, I noticed I had a lot of people look up to me for
      information mainly since I was close to most developers as "friends".
      Not so true.
      Specter and Red-EyeX32 were staff on NGU when I was around, but
      technically we didn't become that close to be friends, I guess we were
      just people who spoke at times.
      They are cool guys, and I'm glad I met them both. They are motivators, inspirators, and optimists.
      The rest of developers are people who I could conversate with, I don't
      know them, and they don't know me personally. It was cool meeting
      I apologize to the ENTIRE 4,000 Twitter Followers for the recent month
      of fake release dates over about the 5.05 CFW from Open Orbis. It will
      come in the upcoming weeks, promise.
      Thank you for the words of affirmation these two years and inspiration.
      Nothing more to say but thank you for those who followed me on my

      I spoke to Octolus about his website and we tried to make it work for
      something modern. It worked, it was amazing. The only thing we had
      issues with was forming a community.
      Not sure what you're going to do with the website, but I grant you
      server ownership of the PS4 Discord. It will be never mine again, and I
      trust you with it permanently.
      I hope we continue playing Fortnite and keep catching does Ws. You owe
      me around $75 for vBucks. Keep the site living and try your best with
      it. You have talent.

      What am I going to do now?

      Something I should've done a long time ago. Stop letting social media
      take over my life and push forward in life. I'm graduating high school
      in 13 days and I'm officially
      going to be done. That's not the end of my journey. I managed to get
      accepted to a university where I live which surprised me as well, and
      I'm going for my Computer Science Degree.
      I'll be speaking less and learning more about what I like to do... Cyber
      Security. I have a lot ahead of me and I have to either way, even if I
      called it quits now, it was going
      to happen eventually. Thank you Octolus for giving me feedback on PHP, I won't let you down on that one.

      From now on, you be seeing my Alias anymore, and if you do, you won't
      recognize me because it'll be different. This doesn't mean I'm coming
      back, I'd just like to see the excitement
      from everyone when stuff gets released. Let Hydrogen die out, not sure
      how that stuck with me. Have fun with your jailbreak later on. This
      Ghostbin won't make a difference, but I
      hope I motivated you guys to find a career in the technological world.

      So long everyone,


      And for Wildcard, I hope you forgive me. I didn't mean it to be this
      way. I respect what you said about me right now. I'm truly sorry.
      Grüße lotus78

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    • habs zwar in der SB geschrieben aber vielleicht auch hier noch mal
      meine meinung:

      find ich auch irgendwo zu recht oder nicht ? ich persönlich finds ja schon nervig wie viele drauf beharren dann will ich nich wissen wie sich ein dev dabei fühlen muss.
      ist ja nicht so das ich niemand was gönnen möchte aber geil find ich es auch nicht, denn leute können einfach nicht warten updaten ihr system andauernd . dann wird was angeküdigt und der druck kommt erneut.
      wieso wartet man denn einfach mal nicht, das verstehe ich nicht.
      der ein oder andere dev wird sicher auch hier mit lessen , mir persönlich kann es egal sein aber ich als NUR User finds schon nerfig will nicht wissen wie sich ein dev dabei fühlen muss.
      wenn ihr auf der arbeit seid und jeder macht druck ist das ja auch nicht geil.
      wie viele sind hier aus getickt das was am 20.5 raus kommen soll. Macht so weiter und die wichtigsten devs sind weg.
      sucht euch ein hobby kauft euch eine weitere ps4 oder was auch immer , aber haltet mal etwas die füße still.
      mehr druck dauerts meist nur länge oder es kommt nichts
    • Es ist ja (gestern) etwas rausgekommen, nur eben nicht für den Endnutzer und eben kein 5.05-Kernel-Exploit, den Diejenigen (für die der Release gedacht ist) ja schon haben...

      Damit ist denke ich auch die Frage ob Hydrogen Recht hatte oder nicht, geklärt...

      Das Beste ist und bleibt halt einfach abzuwarten...

      Die ersten Fragen, 'wann denn nun "endlich mal" eine CFW rauskommt', gab es schon zur 4.05-Kernel-Exploit-Veröffentlichung.

      Durch 'stressen' wird sicher nichts schneller veröffentlicht...
      Das ist denke ich an diesem Fall/in diesem Beispiel relativ gut klar geworden!
    • Also ich lese da jetzt nicht raus das es NUR wegen irgendwelchen Hatern auf Twitter oder ungeduldigen Leuten ist.

      Er hat anscheinend versucht/ geholfen die NGU Seite weiter nach vorne zu bringen und irgendwie ist jetzt und dabei etwas schief gelaufen und er möchte sich verändern/ was anderes machen.

      Man darf das nicht alles so aufbauschen wie es zur Zeit gemacht wird ;)