Angepinnt CFW KOSMOS - Eine Kompilation basierend auf Atmosphere

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    • CFW KOSMOS - Eine Kompilation basierend auf Atmosphere


      Kosmos, das All-in-One-Paket - früher als SDFilesSwitch bekannt. Dieses praktische All-in-One-Paket enthält alles, was du zum Ausführen von Hekate / Atmosphere mit zusätzlichen Patches benötigst.

      v 11.5

      • Full 6.2.0 support. Thanks to @nwert, @balika011 and off course, @CTCaer !
        • It has 100% success ratio.
        • Supports Secure Monitor and new Exosphere
        • Supports booting 6.2.0 with less than 8 fuses
      • Added support to "Print TSEC keys" and "Dump pkg1/2" tools
      • Fixed YouTube HDCP issue. Thanks @hexkyz for taking the time to investigate.
      • Every file lister is now ignoring hidden files and .dot files
      • Added "silent option to Auto HOS power off option. You can now choose if you want the logo to be shown.
      • Refactored the monolithic main.c to simpler grouped sections. Additionally hos.c took some love.
      • Many many bugfixes
      • Removed fusee again - Did you really think we had nothing for you guys ;^)
      • Updated Atmosphere
      • Updated ldn_mitm

      v 11.1

      This is based on v0.8.1 of Atmosphere
      Before starting the changelog I want to give a huge thanks to all our patrons! Thanks to you we can improve sdsetup considerably now! - I also want to thank for 800 stars, over 200k downloads and 2750 discord members. We have never expected so much support! With that out of the way, let's begin:
      • Added firmware 6.2 support
        • This pre-release uses Atmosphere's fusee for 6.2 as a temporary solution
        • This includes Signature Patches, sleep mode and everything else you have had on all other firmwares before!
      • Added ldn_mitm
        • This allows online ad-hoc / lan-play for games such as Smash and Mario Kart 8! As more and more people are getting banned each day, this got more and more requested and after some time asking for permissions, we delivered!
      • After tons of amazing Kosmos bootlogos were sent to us, we have decided on a new bootlogo for the project - This is mainly thanks to the work of bernv3.
        • You can look at all the amazing bootlogos on our discord!
      • Added "fatal" from Atmosphere
      • Updated Homebrew Menu
      • Updated Atmosphere