Angepinnt CFW SX OS und SX Pro by Team Xecuter

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    • Wenn das in 3-4Monaten nicht da ist, dann werden die wirklich was bieten müssen, damit dass später noch jemand kauft.
    • ich hab nicht geguggt.
      Hab nur gestern die Mail bekommen.

      Auch der Shop oder ein Link hab ich beim überfliegen nicht gesehen....

      Das die Mail gewesen:

      Spoiler anzeigen

      I received an email this morning from an online retailer inChina, specializing in hardware mods for console. The kind of site where you'llfind Gateway3DS, Cobra dongles, etc...
      The email states that this specific shop will be acceptingpreorders soon for Team Xecuter's upcoming hacking device forthe Nintendo Switch. Team Xecuter have stated this device will be compatible with all firmwares of theNintendo Switch (although it is assumed a hardware revision of the SoC wouldvoid that claim).
      Specifically, the retailer states:
      We will be soon taking preorders for the new Nintendo Switchline of revolutionary products by Team Xecuter. The products are not online onour shop yet, but we are exceptionally accepting offline preorders as we expectthat the demand will largely exceed the available stocks. Regular customers canreserve stocks from us, no deposit required. This is limited to past customersonly!
      I am not mentioning the retailer's name, or pointing you totheir site, for multiple reasons:
      First of all, I firmly believe that a free, software hackingsolution will always be superior to a hacking dongle sold for profit. And sinceFail0verflowand Reswitchedhave both demonstrated they have access to a hack similar to what Xecuter havein stock (here and here), there are good reasons to hope asoftware hack will ultimately be released to the Nintendo Switch scene. In thatcontext, I would certainly not recommend to rush on a preorder for a devicethat has not been reviewed yet, and might end up being useless before evenbeing released.
      Secondly, although that retailer claims they are an officialdistributor, they are not on Team-Xecuter's website's list of resellers. Itcould be that Xecuter's website is not up to date, but who knows. (Don't get mewrong, I have no specific reason to believe that site is scamming anyone, butagain I see no good reason for anyone to buy Team Xecuter's device now, whenit's not even released.)
      Assuming the claim is legit though, this gives us an indicationthat the device is getting close to a release date (however Team Xecuter havenot made any recent statement regarding this). Whether we are against suchdevices, or just indifferent to them, there's still excitement in the air, asthe scene wants to know what hackers have up their sleeves for the NintendoSwitch.
    • Neues von Wololo...

      Hoffentlich kein verspäteter April Scherz

      Spoiler anzeigen

      Nintendo Switch hacking team Reswitchedhave announced they will be releasing a Custom Firmware solution compatiblewith all firmwares of the Switch (for the current hardware revision of theconsole). The release is expected around this summer.
      The release will consist in FuséeGelée (an exploit chain relying on faults on the Nvidia Tegra)and the actual Custom Firmware, Atmosphere.
      In the light of this announce, Kate Temkin,who is behind some of the exploits used in the hack, has publisheda lengthy FAQ on her blog.
      This stream of announces happens in the context of Team Xecuterstating they have an upcoming hardware hack for the NintendoSwitch. KTemkin makes it clear in the FAQ that preventing Team Xecuter fromturning a profit is a nice side effect of this upcoming release:
      "Not just do they publicly endorse piracy, and seek toprofit from keeping information to a few people, but they're also willing todrop a 0-day that affects a broad swathe of devices on the public without anyresponsible disclosure.
      All in all, I think that Team Xecuter seems to be without moralsor scruples, and I am happy to do as much as I can to reduce theirprofitability and thus disincentivize these kinds of awful behaviors."
      From an outsider's perspective, some of the answers in the FAQactually bring more questions than they try to answer. I'm still not sure ifthe exploit will requiresome hardware modification or not. Its seems it will require some, but light.But there's also a software version of the exploit.
      What matters for now is the statement that current hardwarerevisions of the Nintendo Switch are all hackable, independently of their firmware version.However the exploit has been disclosed to NVidia and Nintendo by the hackers,and there definitely will be a hardwarerevision to patch it. It is unknown at this point if there will be anyconsistent way to dissociate the new hardware from the old. (Raise your hand ifyou remember the good old days of unhackable motherboards on the PSP)
      Source: @ktemkin

    • Don't be too impatient, we will start taking preorders by the end of the week.
      We are carefully working with our distributors to ensure we can meet demand as much as possible. This is products we have receive so many inquiries for that we know we won't be able to ship all preorders on day one, but we will make sure all orders come to you fast.
      And of course, every unit will have Xecuter built quality, full customer support and warranty. No unit is shipped without proper Team Xecuter testing.
      No risk: Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
      Quelle: Team-Xecuter
    • Naja eine Endlösung finde ich das nicht. Ich habe zuminfest keinen bock immer davor in den Recovery Modus zu gehen. Da wird sicher auch noch eine Softmod version kommen.
    • Wie gesagt... 3 Monate können die in etwa richtig Geld damit machen. Danach müssen wieder ein paar neue Features her, sonst nutzen die Leute die kostenlosen Varianten...

      Wenn es jetzt allerdings preislich angenehm ist, könnten die sich recht gut verkaufen...
    • wie im video zu sehen , ohne einen pc die payload und/oder xecuter os zu installieren.

      ist ganz nett, aber vielleicht lässt sich das auch mit einem arduino nano oder andere Entwickler platinen die 5v benötigen lösen.

      Schenker XMG Zenith 17 Gaming Notebook
      GTX1080 - i7-8700 - 16GB Ram

      Nintendo Switch
      FW 5.10 - SXOS - m0 Trinket Board intern - JoyCon RCM Mod
    • Ein Dongle XS und xs pro hier falls er kommt dann als erster hier

      This product is not available in stock now and will be released around next Month.Description:The ultimate kit for your Nintendo Switch!Includes USB dongle, tool (use once to install OS) and OS software license.Compatible with all regions.Compatible with all firmwares.Real time game switching.More features to be announced soon.

    • Ist bestellbar hier

      Der kleine knappe 29 Euro

      Und das set ca 40 Euro

      Nach Wien mit Versand kommt der große auf ca 58 Euro